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"That makes Jesus cry..."

Issue Date: 2003-02-21

5:00am during that weird half awake, lucid dreaming, cursing the alarm clock and trying to snuggle closer to Mister, I heard this phrase… “That makes Jesus cry.” At first I didn’t know whether to bray laughter or to remain silent. It was so funny and out of place, but yet I felt strangely blasphemous with my urge to laugh.

I was trying to get my hefty rump out of bed because I was going to be late for work (yet again) if I didn’t start hoppin. So I disentangled my limbs from the sweet sleeping man beside me and I heard him say in this precious voice that I shouldn’t get out of bed because that would make Jesus cry.

I hate to admit it, but laughter won out. Tell me I’m not going to hell.

Disjointed Ramblings:

My co-worker has this large print of the Lincoln Memorial and it slightly oogs me out. Maybe it’s just the size of his giant head.

Another oog out… I have a band-aid on my right middle finger. I feel un-bendy and kind of nauseated by the sight of the fuzz that had become sort of stuck to the edges throughout the day. Just me? Ok.


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To understand this dear reward (above) at all, you must hie thee on and read gatsby’s grape ape entry and my comments.

And because of said comments he sent me my very own dream turtle in an email titled wee gift with these words attached, “my purple monkey is booked solid so i ordered you a tangerine turtle. hope he proves helpful.”

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