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Spinsterhood & Crummy Weather

Issue Date: 2003-02-24

What a wonderful weekend!

I got breakfast in bed yesterday morning. My man is so sweet. The poor thing had to go into the office early (like at the butt-crack o’ dawn) to run a report or some such tomfoolery, and he brought back Krispy Kreme donuts. How sweet is that? I swear. I must have done something right in the past few years to warrant such an amazing boyfriend.

If this man gets any more fantastic I am going to have him tested to see if he is actually a pleasure-bot or something.

You know how when you are single and all of your friends are either married or hooked up with their significant others and you feel sorta fifth-wheel-ish? I felt like that for YEARS. I told my mother one time that I felt like a goober going out with all my married friends. And yep, she said it… the most eye-roll inducing phrase of all times… “When you aren’t looking, Prince Charming is going to come out of nowhere and sweep you off of your feet.” I never believed her, or any of the other frillion people who told me that (unsolicited even – what was that all about?).

I guess they figured that I needed to hear something positive after thinking for so long that I was basically 12 cats shy of being that woman. You guys know whom I am talking about. That woman that you hear about who died in her sleep. Her 13 cats quietly munching away on her flesh while the mailman shoves Amway catalogs in her mail slot. Her neighbors finally complain of a strange odor, and no one comes to her (closed casket of course) funeral.

Well, that was a nice little stint into the macabre.

Annnnnnnnnyway… My boss just came out to tell me to get the hell out of here, the roads are icing over and I have a long drive ahead of me.


Update from 2/27/03 We were actually off work for 2 whole days. Major ice storm. My boss lives a mile and a half from the office and if HE couldn't get into work, I was not about to try. I live about 40 miles away.


To continue with the string of thought from the previous entry…

I always thought that I would end up alone. Not that I was all that upset about the idea. Of course I wanted dates when important things would roll around. But for those I would use a friend and call them my surrogate boyfriend for the day. Men would ask me out, but I never really found anyone that I wanted to invest that much time in. I had almost resigned myself to a life of spinsterhood (oh geeze, lay off the melodramatics Suz, you are barely 30), and it really didn’t bother me all that much.

I had, in all honestly, stopped looking.

You got it… I turn my back on reality for one darn minute and this amazing man rushes in and changes me forever. I am happy, giddy almost. I rush home everyday so I can spend time with him. I enjoy snuggling! Snuggling? You say? Yes, me… a snuggler. I look forward to the day when I can introduce myself as Mrs. Mister. He is sweet, intelligent, kind, loving, affectionate, funny, gentle, very manly and a great cook. I have hit the mother load people.

Yay me!


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