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Skelator always rings twice.

Issue Date: Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2003

Sunday evening a friend called me. She said that she had been on the website I used to frequent. She said that an old boyfriend of mine keeps showing up. Not that I care if he goes there, I really couldn’t give less of a rat’s ass what he does. My only concern is that she thinks that it is her duty to inform me of his goings-on. (Or would that be going-ons?) And I think it bothers me because I have told her that what he does is his business, that I am really not interested, and I give her encouraging words like “oh” and “okay” when she passes on the oh so breath taking information on this lug.

The two of them used to hate one another… and now they have an understanding that may become a friendship. Oh gag.

The only reason I bring this up is because I received a 10:30 pm phone call last night. No message was left, and I (like the brilliant woman that I am) do not have caller id.

Mister was lying beside me (he smells SO good) when the phone rang. “Do you want to answer that?” he asked me. I said “No.” Then laid there wondering who in the world would be calling me this late. At first I thought it was my girlfriend (mentioned above… sheesh.. she needs a name, let’s call her Clarice)… I thought it was Clarice. But she usually calls around 9:30.

The last 10:30pm phone call we received was from the lug himself. When I asked him why he was calling me when we were completely thru, he did the amused laughter and said “thank you” and hung up. Hmmm… the lug needs a name too. Let’s call him Gomer. I truly hope that Gomer has not gotten it into his head to call me again. Clarice said that he is happy & doing well in his new life… whatever that means. So let’s all put a Don’t Call Suzanna Danna anymore hex on Gomer.

There. That’s better.

When I got home last night Mister and Max (my beautiful kitty) were hanging out on the couch listening to the radio. Lookit Maxxie…. Isn’t he precious? No slammin the couch ya’ll. I love that ugly couch.

Mister had his laptop out and looked like the cat that had eaten the canary. No disrespect to Max and his canary eating abilities of course. I asked him what was up and he sat me down on the couch and gave me a cd. The cover was a picture of the two of us with “Mister’s Songs for Suzanna Danna Vol. I”. I almost cried. He is the sweetest man! Check out this (abbreviated version of the) song list:

1) I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

2) Waiting for a Girl Like You – Foreigner

3) The Keeper of the Stars – Tracy Byrd

4) You Can’t Hide Beautiful – Aaron Lines

And Much MUCH more!

I brought it to work with me and right now I’m listening to “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. Do I have an amazing man or what? Ya’ll, I thank the Lord daily for him. My mother said that they had been praying for a man like Mister to come into my life. Prayer works people.

Ah, the kids next door have arrived to make their loud music, garbled lyrics, pizza preparations for the 11am lunch crowd.

I have to admit. I am truly enjoying having the office all to myself for the week. I don’t like the mean mailman though. He reminds me of that scary Skelator (Yay cheesy 80’s cartoons!) looking preacher dude from Poltergeist III. I had the door locked to the office yesterday morning after the cleaning crew left. He shook the door, but did not knock. I went outside and said “Sir?” he turned around and said, “That’ll teach you to lock your doors!”

Um… No, it won’t. You big meanie!

That made baby Jesus cry.


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