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Home again, home again....

Issue Date: Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2003

Great food, great company, great music, great hotels, great time!

I had the most wonderful time the past six days. Mister and I flew out on time Thursday evening. Thanks in part to a sweet, sweet girlfriend (Stacey) who took us to the airport. We had a whole little mini-row of seats to ourselves because the plane was not completely full. I felt awful because we weren’t able to get the exit row to accommodate Mister’s daddy-long-legs. The man is 6’5” ya’ll. (yum!) I was off rooting around the airports “Everything is 10$” store (I am fascinated by cheap crap, what can I say?) and the mob started lining up for the ninja boarding* before I got back. Even though Mister and I were the first people there, we were at the back of the line. It bit. I felt bad.

*Ninja boarding = Cheap ass airlines don’t have assigned seating. It is seriously first come, first serve basis. You have three groups boarding: A, B & C. They call group A and the whole place goes bat shit. No organization. Ugh.

Mini-row and all aside (I am not the most graceful air-traveler) the flight down to New Orleans was very nice. Not too much turbulence and I did not require sedation.

We walked out to the terminal when we landed and there it was, a sign [“Hyatt VIP”] held up by a uniformed man. Ah… the perks of this job rock. We got into this nice town car to go down town. Our driver, Fred, was a wealth of knowledge. Fred had already checked us in. Keys in hand and everything… Very cool. Fred knew tid bits of history and pointed out various interesting items on our way to the Superdome. He even waited for us to change shoes and took us down to Pat O’Brien’s. That SO rocked! Door to drunken door service! Woo hoo!

We met up with our crew down at Pat O’s and had a hurricane and a few beers. Mister was being pretty quiet. There is a lot to take in, so I totally understood. After we got the pleasantries out of the way we all left Pat O’s and walked down Bourbon Street. It was a Thursday night and the street was still pretty much filled with drunken people stumbling from bar to bar. Mardi Gras was over, so was St. Patrick’s day, and yet people were everywhere.

We stopped into this hole in the wall place that had Dwayne Dopsie (pronounced Doopsie) and the Zydeco Hellraisers. Those guys were LOUD! He happens to be the son of Rockin Dopsie, the King of Zydeco. Pretty impressive… but still pretty damn loud.

New Orleans has the best music. And the best food.

Friday was all business until 6:30 or so. We all went down to the Cajun Cabin on Bourbon and had oysters, gator, crawfish and mucho beer. I love oysters and beer. Mitchell Cormier and the Cain’t Hardly Play Boys came onstage around 8pm and that place rocked solid. We left while they were still on stage.

Saturday was business until 4pm. Mister and I caught the trolley down into the French Quarter, watched the street performers and window-shopped. We stopped into the Funky Pirate and had a few beers then met up with our cohorts at Acme Oyster House at 7pm. Check it out. You guys could have seen me on their oyster cam! Yay oysters! I ate 2 dozen oysters all by my little (ha!) self. They were divine, Ambrosia of the gods I say!

When I went to their website to copy the link, I realized that they also have a location in San Destin. That is SO great! My family goes to Destin, FL every other year for some family time, some surf, some turf and many bloody marys.

Sunday we drove over to Biloxi and checked into the Beau Rivage. I felt like I was in Vegas… with a southern accent and flip-flops. That was weird ya’ll, but still very cool. Mister and I got to stay in this amazing room with a double view. (The view Sunday night was breath taking, the moon over the Gulf…*sigh*.) That afternoon I worked my bootie off and we had dinner. Monday was more work and a show. I cannot remember the name of that show for the life of me, but I can tell you what, I am one spoiled little cookie. People were flinging themselves around on bungee cords for my amusement and I was like, “Hmmphf, I’ve seen better.” Ugh, I should be whipped.

But in my defense, I have been to Vegas like a frillon times and there is NO substitute for O”.

Last night we flew back into Dallas and Stacey picked us up. Bless her heart. We were driving down the tollway when her oil light came on, she commented on it and a second later, we were in a dead car on the inside lane of the Dallas North Tollway. Traffic at 6:30 in Dallas is awful. Heck, weekend traffic basically starts on Thursday evening, it is that bad.

She freaked. “What do I do!?” Mister calmly told her to put it in neutral and try to restart it. “With it still rolling!?” Mister nodded his head. She restarted it and we got through a toll plaza and to an exit ramp area. It died before we could exit.

Stacey called her husband and Mister went to walk to the nearest gas station to buy some oil. He is such a gentleman. Needless to say, we got the car started again, but before we could get her home safely, she ran over an opossum the size of a small Volkswagen. That poor woman had one hell of a Tuesday.

I just talked to Mister; he decided to work from home today. He said his parvo and scurvy are acting up.


More on the flight home, club 544, Gary Brown and Big AL Carlson later.


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