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Daddy V in the Hospital

Issue Date: Wednesday, May. 07, 2003

Tuesday of last week Mister got a phone call from one of his three sisters. She informed him that his father was in the hospital (with pneumonia) and it looked like he would require open-heart surgery. That evening it was confirmed that his daddy would need surgery, so Mister and I started looking for flights to Orlando from Dallas. The surgery was tentatively scheduled for Thursday morning and Mister wanted to get there before the surgery so we searched high and low for affordable tickets for our flight.,,… I searched them all people. I searched all the major airlines as well. You could really tell which companies were hurting for business because they had their prices hiked up higher than a hooker’s skirt. We actually found flights on American for $1400.00 or some such tomfoolery. took our pitiful bid and we went about alerting our bosses and family members of the impending trip. We packed and drove to the airport Wednesday morning amid a flurry of stress and worry. I was nervous about meeting his family, and under the circumstances I felt like I was going to be more of a hindrance than a help to them. That was totally selfish to think that way, but I wanted, nay needed, to be near Mister during this trial. I was not able to go with him to the funeral when his grandmother passed away a few months ago, and it may sound morbid, but I wanted to meet his family (his father especially) before anything could or would happen.

His parents are missionaries (not in the field) and two of his sisters are missionaries (actually in the field). With this being the case, they are not together as a whole family very often. The whole family showed up to support Mister’s dad. It was wonderful to meet them all.

Mister’s oldest and youngest sisters are the ones in the field. They are amazing women, very sure of faith, his oldest sister seems almost serene to me. Mister, his closest sister (2nd oldest, Sister A) and I are all cut from the same cloth so to speak, so I bonded with her right off. His parents have very strict religious rules that they place on themselves to follow, so while under their roof, I tried very hard to be good. It almost seemed to me that they reside in a vacuum of a sort. No temptations allowed anywhere near them or their family. I don’t mean that I am Satan or anything; I’m not some painted whore who tried to remain inconspicuous while being thrown into the Pope’s living room. I’m just not as strict in my beliefs, my faith or myself as they are. I almost felt like I was a spiritual imposter just being in their presence.

Mister and I had to return to Dallas last night. We stayed in Florida for a week spending time with the family and talking with doctors. The doctors kept pushing things back. Mister’s dad was so very frustrated, poor man.

When we got there Wednesday night Mister’s dad (Daddy V) was scheduled for surgery, a triple bypass with a valve repair, on Thursday morning. Thursday morning the doctors decided to do an x-ray on his jaw to make sure he did not have any bad teeth. They found one tooth that needed to come out so that pushed the surgery to Friday. The tooth was not extracted until Tuesday (yes, almost a week later) night so his surgery was pushed back to today.

Daddy V came out of surgery this morning. They ended up doing a quadruple bypass with a valve replacement. About three hours ago Mister’s oldest sister (Sister J) called to give him an update. Daddy V had started bleeding internally and they took him back into surgery. Sister J called back when he was back out of surgery.

All of this worry is taking a toll on Mister. He is not sleeping well.

I wish this entry were more up beat.

I know. I’ll tell you guys about my namesake.

My great Aunt Sue is from the same town that Mister’s family is from. Small world huh? I have not seen her in several years. She is the sweetest woman. She lives just a few streets away from the Mission where Mister’s parents work. I called her Thursday and Friday, no answer. On Saturday when Mister and I took a break from the hospital I called her again. Success! She was there and better yet, her daughter (my 2nd cousin) and her daughter’s family were in town too. Apparently they had been at the beach all week and were back in town to do some laundry and run errands.

Mister and I went over and spent a few hours with Aunt Sue. She told us some wonderful stories about my grandparent’s, my father and the rest of my family. She is an amazing conversationalist. She mentioned that since her brother, Uncle Denver, died that she was very lonely. I swear ya’ll. I wanted to pack up right then and there and move in with her, or bring her back to Texas with me. She’ll be 89 this year. Love her, love her, love her!

Yesterday before Mister and I headed to the airport to fly home we stopped by so I could hug on her a little bit more and kiss all their faces. They all hugged on Mister too. My 2nd cousin, Linda, asked Mister, “So, Mister, what exactly are your intentions with our Suzanna here?” He boldly told her that he intended to marry me. When we left, he asked me, “Does this mean that I am your intended now?” I answered, “Of course. You told my family straight out that you intended to marry me.” He said, “Oh goodness, I guess I need to get in touch with your father before Aunt Sue or Linda call him!”

He tried to call my father on the way to the airport. Surprise, surprise… the phone was busy.


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