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Issue Date: Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003

I thought it was about time to create a cast page. I know I am still new at this, so it may be a bit puny, but I will add to it as we go along. (Updated a few things on 7/19/04)

Suzanna Danna: Me! I am a 31-year-old (now 32) southern woman. I was raised Baptist but I have enough guilt to be crowned an honorary Catholic. I am enthralled by suspension of disbelief on a regular basis and I have an indescribable fear of tofu. I am “Rubenesque” at best and “a big girl” at worst. I dream in color and texture and I am regularly thrown (mentally) by the complexity and absurdity of my dreams. I love my family, my cat, bad movies and most of all Mister. Update: We got married 9/27/03!

Mister: An amazing man who found me last year when I had all but given up on the fairy tale most girls dream of. He rode up on his big white stallion [his SUV], his shining armor glowing in the hot sun [he was nicely dressed after being made an officer at his place of employment], he offered me gifts of extraordinary magnitude [he bought me ice cream then took me to dinner… yep, dessert first! Hee!] and his heart, mind, soul and spirit were a complete match for mine. I may sound like some cheesy bodice-ripper romance novel here, but ya’ll, I shit you not. This man is amazing. Update: I am so happy to be his wife. We have had the most amazing year. We have traveled, we have planned, we have saved, we even moved from our tiny one bedroom apartment into a house in June of 2004.

Momma and Daddy: Yes, it is self-explanatory… oh hush. My mother is also known as June, as in June Cleaver.

xxxxxxxx: Changed at the request of a family member 9/9/04.

Daddy V: The male species of Mister’s parental units. He just underwent quadruple by-pass surgery and a valve replacement in May 2003.

Mister’s Momma: The female species of Mister’s parental units.

Aunt Sue: My Great Aunt on my father’s side. A bit of a shiner and the sweetest woman in the world. She lives in Mister’s hometown. Small world ain’t it? (Update: She just had her 90th birthday in July of 2004.)

Aunt Jean: My daddy’s sister. I Love her more than my luggage!

Debra Jean: My ex sister-in-law. We were best friends in college and ended up marrying (and divorcing) law-enforcing brothers. Short version of the story, well, there really isn’t a short version. I will get her to do a guest entry. Update: She probably will never do a guest entry as she never updates her own neglected journal.

Maximillian McGillikitty III aka Max: My beautiful kitty. Update: He just had his 2-year anniversary/birthday with me. I got him from the Irving SPCA on 7/17/02.

Clarice: A girlfriend whom I met online. Very sweet woman with two children and a wonderful husband.

Hand Boss: My boss, who at one point, gave me the hand while we were having a conversation. So sue me, I hold a grudge. Update: I was laid off from the association where Hand Boss reigns supreme (with cheese) on October 15th, 2003, so I do not work for this shitass anymore.

Co-Worker C: My one and only co-worker whose name begins with C. She and her life partner (of almost 13 years) have a menagerie of pets. A Great Dane, 2 Chihuahua’s, a hound dog, 3 cats, 4 birds, 4 beta fish, a Pac-man frog, an iguana and a turtle or two. I am fascinated by their house, their animals and their lifestyle. My two favorite things to say to her are, ‘you like boys’ and ‘you are sooooooooooo gay.’ Update: Sadly enough with the layoff I lost the privilege of working with Co-Worker C. She and I still keep in touch via email and phone.

If you need explanations on anyone please let me know so I can add them to the cast list.

Update: I am not sure who I am missing with this cast page. It is the first time I have updated it since June of 2003 (it’s now July of 2004) and I am sure a lot has happened, but I don’t talk about many people with much regularity. I am a typical journaler, I am self-centered, naive and vain and the world revolves around me so that’s all I talk about… heh.


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