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Would the REAL Debra Jean please stand up?

Issue Date: Monday, Jun. 09, 2003


Good day to all of you in Dairyland. I am the webically acclaimed ex sister-in-law of the Dairily famed Suzannadanna. Yep…. I am Debra Jean, aka many a nick. I will let you choose which you would like to me to bka (be known as).

1. Debra Jean -- Name on birth certificate and it has a nice southern ring to it even though my mother is from New York – but Dad is from Texas and so am I… still it’s strange to me how she came up with it.

2. DJ -- Yes, it is self-explanatory, but my girlfriend in Santa Cruz, CA provided me with that one when we were young… not to say that we are old now, but you get the idea.

3. Debs – Again, self-explanatory, but all through high school, this was the name given to me by my group of friends. I even had a few teachers and principals that complied. They, to this day, call me nothing else unless they are trying to provide some sort of clarification to outsiders. In that case it is coupled with my last name as well.

4. Pippy -- Name given to me by the Harley group with which I used to ride. I had long hair and always wore it in braids with bows and such that always matched my outfits – hey! I can be dressed for motorcycles AND be color coordinated as well. There is no rule against it. It just doesn’t seem to be done often which makes me different… yea!

5. Trixie -- Name most recently bestowed upon me. I call everyone Trixie, regardless of his or her sex or whether or not I know him or her. It doesn’t really matter to me. The purpose is to get their attention, and it works 99.9% of the time. Now there is a group of us who go out to crowded dance clubs from time to time, and it is so much easier to locate each other amongst the crowds and in the bathrooms if we just yell that blanket “TRIXIE!” We know that we are all Trixie and can answer accordingly. Because we have yet to run into anyone actually named Trixie, we are never running into the problem of a stranger mistakenly thinking we are talking to or looking for him or her. When the name is used, believe me, you understand the way it is to be taken (whether as a term of endearment or as pointed jab to get your jerk-face attention).

I sometimes feel prone to slightly schizophrenic episodes due to all the different titles I hold, so it might actually be nice to have it narrowed down to just one for the purpose of my journal writing. Yes, the more I think about it, I am more inclined to believe that the writings would be much easier for a reader to follow if he or she were not subject to a crapshoot of authors. That is all for now. I am now wrestling with an identity crisis. Once I have a determined title I will continue with my venture to “regale you with tales of hilarity!” ( Suzannadanna, Baby Huey… SEXY!). At least that is the expectation up to which I must now live. But if I don’t… whatever (Suzannadanna hates that! But not as much as touching her with just one finger! LOL)


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