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Pestilence and Pizza

Issue Date: Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003

Last Thursday I walked outside my office building to hear an employee from the pizza parlor next door say the following into a cell phone:

[all whiny] “We try to keep it clean!”

I noticed in the parking lot, several vehicles with pest control logos squatting (the vehicles, not the logos silly) in the pizza parlor’s assigned spaces.

For the past 5 days there has been a dull roar of silence from that [points] side of the wall. Not an employee to be found. No loud music. No braying laughter. And a sign on the door stating, “Due to equipment failure, Big Daddy’s Pizza will be closed until Monday.” This magic message was posted…. Up Side Down.

Ooooh scandalous. Could they be shut down for health code violations? Ew. Could they be shut down for renovations? Hardly likely. Could they be shut down to fire the whole staff and start anew? Hmmm the possibilities are endless. Well, not really endless. And, and, and… well, who really gives a hoot?

Horton! That’s Who!

Oh wait. It was Horton HEARD a Who, not Horton Gave a Hoot.


Best overheard random communication ever. Participants were discussing the upcoming Freddy vs Jason movie with gusto.

Unwashed Guy: But what do these guys have against each other?
Starbucks Chick: I dunno, like they have the same purpose… to like… kill people.
UG: They DO! I guess they are tired of getting in each other’s way, sort of like that old commercial…”You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!”
SC: [bray laughter… regain composure]
UG: What?
SC: like…[snort]…[guffaw]…”You got your machete in my teenager!"

…..and…. scene.

Oh… someone asked me what a diamond dog is.

A Diamond Dog is the affectionate name given to Marines.

Yep, Mister is a Marine.

Ya’ll let me hear from you! :)

More random crap later.


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