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Loosing a little bit of myself.

Issue Date: Monday, Jan. 05, 2004

Well, we started IT again this weekend.

Yep. It is that time kiddos. Mister and I stated the Great Weight Loss Debate of Oh-Four!

For those of you who are new to this and did not click on the “IT” link above… this is how our weekend unfolded.

Beach Body 90 is the diet we are working on. They have a program called “Fast Start” and it consists of a two-day program where all you do is drink an 8-ounce glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice… three times a day. For your snack [and I use that term loosely] you are able to have 12 ounces of room temperature or warm water with lemon. They just smother you with choices, don’t they?

They ask that you do not exert yourself with any exercise or activity because you need all of the minimal calories that you are allotted to remain upright when you stand. I kid. Sorta.

Friday afternoon, after work, we met up at the house and decided to go to Saltgrass Steak House to imbibe in some last ditch yumminess before we started on our diet early Saturday morning.

Tell me something. Why is it that when you start a diet all of your time is spent at the grocery store? That was hell. Two grocery stores in two days… all filled with delicious treats I couldn’t even sniff. Shoot. We even went to Wal-Mart Friday night for the sacrificial carrots.

We got up early Saturday morning and made our breakfasts. Mister, being the disciplined man-man that he is, had no problem following this strict two-day process. I, on the other hand, thumbed my nose at convention and made up my own little ‘fast start’ to encompass the needs of my hypoglycemia. I am such the rebel. Rawr.

Mister ground up his sacrificial carrots three times a day in the industrial sized juicer that we purchased last year for this very purpose, and I (unwillingly) stuck to my little diet as well. My ‘meals’ consisted of an 8-ounce glass of low sodium V8, a 1-ounce package of string cheese and a tablespoon of JIF peanut butter. I needed the protein to stave off sugar spikes and crashes.

We weighed in Saturday morning I almost cried. I was a half-pound heavier than I was last year. A whopping 238. Let me spell that out so we can get the full effect. Two hundred and thirty eight pounds. I am thirty-one years old. I have a size OH MY GOD! ass. I am only 5’8” and some change on a tall day. I am probably 50% body fat. I am friggin HUGE. I won’t tell you Mister’s weight, as it is not my place, but we are both hefty. I think he is gorgeous. He is. He thinks he is huge. But he’s almost 6 and a half feet tall.

After breakfast Saturday morning we headed to the Dallas World Aquarium . I was in love. They have an exhibit with giant river otters. I LOVE otters. Sea otters mainly… but those giant river otters are impressive.

We walked around the exhibits and ooohed and ahhhed. We tried not to exert ourselves but I believe that because of that small bit of ‘out and about’ we lost more weight than we did last year when we did the fast start.

Saturday afternoon after the Aquarium of Wonderfulness we went to Central Market to find Mountain Valley Spring Water . For those of you who have a Central Market in your area… doesn’t it rock? All the choices and fresh produce! All the bulk materials you can by for pennies! We actually bought some marjoram spice for Mister to make split pea soup with. It cost us $.07. Seven cents! I just wanted to get out of there because it was painful to be around all of that food.

Is that normal? Or do I place WAY too much importance on food? I never thought it meant that much to me until my mood changed and incorporated some nastiness and a headache last night when I was so hungry.

I felt like I had lost my mind Saturday evening when I had 5 globe grapes and an ounce of ham.

The reason I am telling you this is because we lost weight people. Real weight. Mister lost 7 pounds and I lost 5. Twelve pounds for two people in two days.

Last year I lost like 2 and a half pounds. I think it was because I didn’t move around or eat protein.

All of this gibberish is mainly because I believe we are on our way.

We are on our way to unleashing the hotness. Heh.


About my new job.

I love it here. In the first two weeks I was on the road for like 9 days. This place rocks. I have had a wonderful month to get used to my new surroundings and the people I interact with on a daily basis.

We’ve had several days off due to holidays and whatnot so that has made the transition so much easier.

These people are nice and very professional. I feel so lucky!


I just read over the last part of this looking for monstrous grammatical errors. I am stuck by how menial and piddly I sound.

This viewpoint may come from the fact that I just read over the last few entries from Trance Jen.


I want to say a prayer for her, I want to hold her hand, and I want to show her the dark passages of my own life to let her know that it will be ok. But I know that I can never truly feel how she does, never truly know her heart. I have never known madness or self-loathing. I pray that she will come out of her despair a stronger woman. I pray that her mind heals and doesn’t force scars upon her and her family.

Dear Lord, please be with her during this time.


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