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Email from Co-Worker C

Issue Date: Monday, Feb. 23, 2004

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I realized why I was all nervy-shaky and thinking about Kim last Wednesday, as I received this e-mail from my ex-co-worker this afternoon when I got back from lunch with Mister.

Suz –
Kim [last name] called this morning asking about you….
I told him that I would pass along his interest and phone number, but I would not tell him anything.
He asked if you were remarried and I said yes, but would not tell him your new married name. He also asked about your job and I told him you were laid off.
That’s about all he asked after he realized that I wasn’t going to talk about anything.
His phone # is [phone number].
Talk to you later.
[Co-worker C]

Very very interesting…. No?

Really? No? You aren’t in the least bit interested in why after all of these years, literally… years man… has Kim decided to contact me when I asked him (before I even started dating Mister) to never call me again?

Eh, I’m not really either.

3 second pause.

Pffft. That is a big ol’ honkin Lie! I am interested. Only because… well, shit…. It’s a mystery. Annnnnd, I’m nosey.

I had that feeling of impending doom for most of Wednesday day… then Wednesday night I start thinking about Kim? What’s the deal? Does he have good news he wants to share? Does he want to congratulate me on my marriage? Did he go to school? Did he finally crawl out of his pit o’ despair? Are the boys ok? Is his ex-wife fine? His family? …. Did the fifth dentist cave?

I don’t know.

I have really enjoyed these past few months (nay, years) with no drama. No estranged wives calling me to tell me that if she had to pick a replacement for her husband’s new wife it would be me. Ick. No calls at 10pm to discuss the merits of working at the zoo compared to the benefits of the titty bar. No worries of meeting a family that I didn’t want to be a part of. No tales of soon-to-be ex wives messing around with his brother. Did that make sense? Ugh. Just… no more. No. More. Of. That. Thanks so much!

I have enjoyed the stability blanket that I have been wrapped in. It helped me put the pieces together to have a wonderful and perfectly lovely wedding ceremony and honeymoon back in September. It insulated me from losing my shit when I got laid off back in October. It even kept things on sort of an even keel when I lost my vision due to a migraine in November.

With Mister comes a big dose of reality. Financial responsibility is no longer an ulcer-causing dilemma. We are a team. If anything I feel that Mister is smarter than I am and better prepared for the future. [Says the girl who has had an IRA since the age of twelve.]

So, do I want to talk to Kim? Nah. Do I want to find out why he’s calling me out of the friggin blue? Hell Yes!

Bless Mister’s heart, I called him on his cell phone a bit ago when he was headed back to the office after dropping me off and told him about the email. I read him the email and he asked me what I wanted to do. Did I specifically tell Kim that I didn’t want him to call me again? Affirmative. Did I tell him it was over? I think I did, yes. Do I want him (Mister) to call him (Kim)? Yeah. I do. Um, well, sorta. But I wanna hear toooooo!!!!!!!!!!

I told Mister that Kim never really did anything to hurt me. He wasn’t an ass of sorts. Well, an ass of sorts that I was used to. He was thoughtless a few times, but hell, who hasn’t been? You? No? Me, neither.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as the tale unfurls. Yeah, big drama huh? [eyeroll]

In other news, I cleaned out the trunk of my car this weekend and found Jimmy Hoffa. He’s doing well thanks for asking. He just complained of the copious amounts of plastic water bottles I keep back there. You know, just in case I get trapped in a snow bank and have to heat up snow with my body heat for drinking water. Yep, a snow bank. In Texas.

Shut up, it could happen.

In related news my car is getting better gas mileage now that the weight of an elephant has been removed (I don’t mean you Mr. Hoffa.) from my trunk.


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