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My Uterus, the Martyr.

Issue Date: Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2004

Suzanna Danna: Ow. Could you just… stop… it… please?

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: I told you once, and I’ll tell you again… Don’t mess with me, I will make your life hell! Hell I say!

Suzanna Danna: I’ve already entered the seventh ring of hell thanks to you.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Look, if you’d just do as I say… nobody gets hurt.

Suzanna Danna: I already went on a mini shopping spree for you yesterday. You wanted the cute knit pantsuit that looked comfy and warm.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Yeah, but you were all “Fine.” about the whole thing. Couldn’t you just say something nice and be happy about it for once?

Suzanna Danna: I was nice! We even had a hot pocket for breakfast yesterday. I thought you would be happy about that!

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: I wanted Dove chocolate and beer.

Suzanna Danna: You messed up my panties.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: You wouldn’t give me the chocolate and beer.

Suzanna Danna: For breakfast?

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: You also ate some healthy salmon shit for lunch when I specifically asked for pasta. Lots of pasta!

Suzanna Danna: But I am trying to be healthy.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: I’ll be nice if you just get some of that berry colored lip gloss from that lady in finance who moonlights for Mary Kay.

Suzanna Danna: I spent my allowance on the cute knit pantsuit that looked comfy and warm yesterday… for you because you were screaming for drawstring pants and elastic waistbands. Sheesh.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: How about some pizza from Mama’s down off of Parker?

Suzanna Danna: That stuff goes straight to my belly and I don’t need the heartburn thankyouverymuch. The last time I got that pizza for you… we ate one piece then had to spend the rest of the evening in the restroom. No, thank you.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: It wasn’t MY fault.

Suzanna Danna: Of course it was. You are just being difficult.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Heh. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Suzanna Danna: Oh quit it. Stop acting like you are in some sort of alliance with Mister and my mother. I can change my mind sometimes.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: You change your mind all the time. If you would just settle down and … and….

Suzanna Danna: And what? Please don’t start in on me now. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I’m tired and a little vulnerable.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: If you’d just settle down and have a baby.

Suzanna Danna: No. Not right now. Mister and I have a plan. And you are just going to have to wait.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Come ON. Just one? A little one?… With sprinkles?

Suzanna Danna:Sprinkles?

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Uh… yeah, be a dear and fetch me a Krispy Kreme donut with sprinkles would you?

Suzanna Danna: [shaking head] I swear, I am the only woman on the planet with a passive aggressive uterus with ADD.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: You asked for it.

Suzanna Danna: Ow! Meanie! Quit.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: How do you like them apples huh?

Suzanna Danna: If you ruin this new pantsuit I am going to seriously think about putting you into a permanent ‘time out’.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Oh, you won’t do anything of the sort. We’ve been buddies… pals for nigh on 20 years… you love me. I let you get your ears pierced when you were thirteen, right?

Suzanna Danna: Yeah. Yeah, you did.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: By the way. What was up with you getting your upper ear cartilage pieced over last Thanksgiving?

Suzanna Danna: I am under the impression that I’m not nineteen anymore. I guess I did it because I could.

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: Smart. Real smart. … [pause] Hey, where’s my donut?

Suzanna Danna: How about some almonds … or a Dr. Pepper?

Suzanna Danna’s Uterus: We could really use a new pair of shoes yanno…

Props to classic Weetabix for the whole talking uterus idea.


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