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I am going Shopping!!!!... In Stacey’s closet.

Issue Date: Thursday, Sept. 01, 2005

So excited, leaving for Chicago to see Sil (with Jen… actually Jen will be there today) in approximately (bad with math) some hours. I haven’t done my laundry from this past week/weekend/ conference/funeral/driving fest so I have some serious chores to do when I get home tonight.

But before I get started on my chores I am going Shopping!!!!... In Stacey’s closet. Heh.

A week or so ago I called Sil to ask what to bring for the Chicago nightlife, as we are going out dancing Saturday night.

(We are also going to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the MSI… and Dude, Can’t wait. You are talking to a woman who watches Extreme Surgery on Discovery Health Channel during dinner… Rock! Anywho…)

And Sil asked her friend who was with her what I should bring because I asked for clarification on the whole “Chicago going out uniform of jeans and black shirt” and Sil’s friend said, “jeans and a cleavage-y shirt.”

Ya’ll know my standard fare… twin set. So, I’m gonna have to work on my clothes options. I don’t think I’ll be workin the cleavage because that’s not me, but it gave me a good guideline. Stace has all these fun, funky accessories so I will be set.

I’ve got Herschel (my iPod for you new kids) all loaded up with some new tunes for my layovers.

I’ll be flying Southwest so it’s going to take me about a solid week to get there tomorrow. My first flight is out of Dallas at somewhere around the ass crack of dawn and I layover in Houston and then finally get into Chicago-Midway at a little after noon. Whee-doggie.

My only problem now is that I have the song, “I’m the Only Gay Eskimo” by Corky and the Juice Pigs stuck in my noggin.

Can ya’ll believe that it is the first day of September?

This month will be my 2 year anniversary of being the wife to an amazing man. I can’t believe that time goes so fast. A few years ago I was planning out my days as being the bitter spinster. That girl who was eleven cats shy of being the crazy cat lady. As I aged and sat on my porch, yelling at kids to get off my lawn as I clutched a Marlboro Light in the nicotine stained fingers of my right hand while I nursed a cold Coors light in the left.

Not that there is anything wrong with that… of course…

But apparently there were other things that I was meant to do.

Speaking of… now that September is here? Will the weather cool down?

When Mister and I got married, it was so cool and delicious. We got married outside in the shade of some gorgeous trees next to a little creek. The photographer took some amazing photos, some candid and some staged. Some black and white, some sepia and some color, all showing gorgeous trees and dappled sunshine and laughing family members and happy Mister and me.

I can not even believe that Dallas is the same city with all of this hot, humid air.

I just checked and the high in Chicago for the next four days is going to be 82 degrees.

I think I may cry with relief.

Ya’ll be good and check out the Story Crossing page over here… clickity.

I’ll be trying to think of a good one while my creativity gets a boost from the wicked awesome company and untamed laughter I am sure I will be joining in while in the company of my girlfriends over the weekend.

Also… please please please please check out Miss Doxie’s site. She is heading up a relief fund for the Red Cross and in the process you get to be entered to win a Doxie original work of art.

Helping out with the Red Cross and maybe winning an original Doxie morceau d'art… Can it get any better than that? I submit that it can not.

Happy Labor Day ya’ll.

Love you,


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