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Issue Date: Monday, Oct. 02, 2006

Scene from this morning.

CoWorker J: [reading out of the paper or or something] Well, it says here that several Amish people got killed yesterday.
CoWorker D: What happened?
CoWorker J: Well, I’m still reading…
self: Was it road rage?
CoWorker C: Susan, you are so going to hell.
self: I know.
CoWorkers-all: [finally getting the joke] BWa AHA hahahahahahahahaHAHAHheeeee ha ha ha heh. Heh.

I left to go pee because I was about to wet myself from laughing so hard. “Jedediah … bring me the… well, we don’t use guns… or electricity… uh, bring me the mule and the hoe.”

I had massive cramps on my right side from trying to shut the hell up as my donkey bray of laughter was echoing through the cube farm. When I came back from the ladies restroom my director called me into her office, “Susan? Why were you laughing so hard?”

I was standing there… sweating, holding my right side where I had a laugh stitch.

My reply, “Please don’t make me tell you?... Please? I will start laughing again.”

“You realize… that everyone can hear you. Tell me.”

“Well, uhm… Amish people died and I suggested the cause was… road rage.”

Of course she just looked at me and said, “I guess you had to be there.”


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