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Issue Date: Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

Update: Added this banner last quarter of 2004 after I did the Music journal entry. I should of added a border but with the blue Diaryland background, I didn't need too. As you can see... I am not very good at making banners... Are you? Wanna help me?

Update: Added this banner first part of 2005, Mister was convinced I was going to get tons of hate mail. But as Doxie and her sister so eloquently pointed out, the Amish don’t use computers. Ditto on the border thing. And on the sucking with banners thing.

Update… 6-15-05

I added this banner today. Isn’t it cute?


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To understand this dear reward (above) at all, you must hie thee on and read gatsby’s grape ape entry and my comments.

And because of said comments he sent me my very own dream turtle in an email titled wee gift with these words attached, “my purple monkey is booked solid so i ordered you a tangerine turtle. hope he proves helpful.”

The Graphic Below Courtesy of Papernapkin.

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