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It was the bestest day ever.

Issue Date: Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2006

Guess what I got for Christmas? A sweet husband who listens to me and wants to help me break out of my comfort zone with my garanimals outfits.

What’s with the blank stare? We’ve discussed this. And my boss has threatened to call Stacey and Clinton on me. My normal work week is a hodgepodge of beautiful pants… all in an array of black. Slap on a twin set and I am done.

The following is a list and the corresponding links to the awesomeness that is my husband. Oh, and a little shout out that has to go to Weet for the link to Igigi that was my husband’s angel (angle? Obtuse?) of goodness and shopping karma.

This dress which I can not wait to wear because the fit is amazing.

This top which is sort of Stevie Nicks-ish… but apparently my husband is into black lace and cleavage. Who knew?

This top (with which I am having a very torrid affair) that I have on today.

This top that is very, very naughty. And also, awesome.

This jacket which again? Stevie Nicks-ish, but my mother was in love with it and the things it did to my figure when I wore it Christmas Eve.

And last but not least… this little fur jacket. The moment I put it on I channeled Marilyn Monroe and sung “Happy Birthday Mister Presidennnttt…” and then had sex with JFK.

I think I am missing something.

Either way.

Then? I went shopping for a frillion hours yesterday and used some money that Santa gave me for various sundry items such as two pairs of jeans, a black belt and a brown belt, two pairs of boots (snazzy, black and brown as well – Liz Claiborne Flex… if you must know), a few camis to wear underneath the boob bearing tops my husband bought for me in cream, white and black, a watch (from Fossil) and about eleventeen pairs of trouser socks so I could stop pilfering my husband’s socks from his drawers. (The heel would sit at my calf giving me that oh so sexy calf goiter look.) He wears a 13 or something large and yeti-like, but surprisingly has very pretty feet for a man.

Am I babbling?

By the way. I totally went shopping at the Lane Bryant Outlet mall… and guess what? I paid more for my jeans there than I would have online. BLAST! Those rat bastards. I was all duped about the, “Oh, tis an outlet mall… the bargains, they will be inexhaustible!” I really didn’t sound like that much of an asshole. I just thought, well, it IS an outlet store. The belts were like a Hamilton each. (Oh, I am ALLLL about the Hamiltons, baby.) And my camis? Very affordable. I know I shouldn’t be all in a tizzy that they charged me more for my jeans at an outlet. Because ya’ll know what an awesome shopper I am.



The best part of the holiday was last Thursday.

This was what was on the agenda. At noon, pick up Steph and her sister Jen… meet Kerry at Mi Cocina… Drink. At six pm call Stacey and see if she and her work cohorts were going to have Happy Hour anywhere. If so? Drink. Oh, and smoke. Get home at a reasonable hour, let the puppy out, let puppy back in, get in bed, read, fall asleep and then not wake up at a reasonable hour… because why? I had Friday off, bitches.

This is what happened.

Called Steph and Jen at 11:30, “We just got back in from our run, we’ll be ready at noon.” I was thinking, “Run? Where to? And was someone chasing you?” But what I said was, “Rockin.” And hung up to go finish getting ready. Got a call from Kerry, “Are you at Mi Cocina?” “No.” “Good, because I am going to be about 15 minutes late.” “Cool, I’m picking up Steph and Jen at noon and we’ll be there as soon as possible.”

I picked the twosome up, loved on Joe (the cat) and their mother for a minute and we were out the door. We got an awesome parking place (by the way, it was like 70 degrees outside, perfect weather) and met Kerry inside. We ate, drank, told old stories, gossiped and laughed until 3. PM. THREE in the afternoon.

Kerry had to go to work. (BOO, but… Yay! Go Kerry’s Business! I should totally link to her… Ok, if you guys ever need an interior designer (she travels too) please call Kerry, as she is the bomb.) Ok, and as soon as Jen’s site gets up and running I will post that too, as she is an incredible artist. And her sister worked on brains before becoming a full time stay at home mother. Shit, if those aren’t a pair of brilliant sisters… then I don’t know two who are. (As always, eloquent with my compliments.)

So after we left Kerry we decided to go to the house, let the puppy out for a moment then went… and… got mani/pedis. Drinking and pampering. How awesome of a day was that? Oh, and mix in Mexican food and Mojito’s… I was in heaven. While we were sitting there getting our toes done my phone rang, it was Stacey (who just called a second ago, she is headed out to San Diego to see her sister and their baby girl who was born on Christmas Eve… awwwwww!) she was already at the bar. It was like 3:45 in the afternoon and she and her gang were already at the bar. I told her I would be there as soon as I could and then just relaxed.

My toes and fingers all pretty… (oh, and I bought myself some beautiful earrings from Gina for myself for Christmas and I had those on, I looked totally cute) my cute earrings on, my cute little boots and a pack of smokes and I dropped the girls off at their parent’s house (they had another shindig to get to) and then headed to the bar to meet Stacey.

It was the bestest day ever.

So, what did ya’ll do over the holidays?

Oh, and I am totally going to this…


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