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Issue Date: Wednesday, Oct. 05, 2005

I need a haircut in the worst way. For the past several weeks I have been wearing my hair up in the requisite chignon because I can not be trusted to actually blow dry, style and/or otherwise fix my ho-fro.

The bangs? They are long and pissed off at being straightened with a round brush then a curling iron and then swept to the side and sprayed there. The rest of my hair is left to be twisted and pinned at the back of my head like some sort of ornament on a Christmas package… without the bow of course.

This morning I washed and conditioned my hair and then made the mistake of using a John Frieda Frizz-Ease product… dear Lord… it was mousse. Normally I use a leave in conditioner from TiGi (Ego Boost) that has the consistency of spooge (bonus? or punishment?… discuss) and doesn’t weigh down my tresses or make them any angrier. But today is supposed to be rainy. I thought I needed a bit more… support.

Apparently I have displeased the follicle gods because I ended up looking very much like a cross between a wolverine and Tawny Kitaen… but I am fat… so, um… more like Wynonna but a lot less "Tranny".

John Frieda? Why did you want to hurt me so?

I so want to cut off all of my hair, but having fro-like conditions surrounding thin(ish) hair… dude, so not right.

Oh, I know who I looked like this morning. Ya’ll remember that guitarist from Faith No More? The dude with the four inch horizontal part (Jim Martin)? Yeah, him. But with tits. Hot no?

Moving on. Really, that mental image is very disturbing.

So. I think that our Cheese Club may have found a home over at BlogSpot. I may need some help with designing the page so any of you that have BlogSpot pages (yes, I know I have one… but I am not a blogspot genius) and would like to help, please let me know via my email account.

Again, the Rules:

Rules of Cheese Club
1. You totally talk about 'Cheese Club'.
2. You totally talk about 'Cheese Club'.
3. When someone yells "Aqua Net!" or goes eighties/nineties, or geeks out, the cheese is just starting.
4. No limits to how many can be involved in Cheese.
5. You must submit one photo at a time (to
6. Cheese shirts, cheese shoes… or hair or make up, accessories… ya’ll get the picture.
7. The Cheese can go on as long as it has to.
8. If this is your first night at 'Cheese Club', you have to vote.

Keep sending in those pictures ya’ll. And please, be aware that we are accepting Glamour Shots.

Speaking of photos, over the last week I was on a mission to find two photos for LuLu. I have told you all before about how I love pictures and have a frillion of them. I have many photo albums as well, but most of my pictures have not even left their little containers.

That is why I was excited to find the two pictures I want to share with you guys now.

To give a bit of a brief (Ha! Am I ever?) back story…

I’ve told you guys about Troy and Chad and LuLu and Trixie and I have told you guys about the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, TX (by the way… if you follow these links… I found the sheets of negatives with the pictures of the jaguar babies on them!!!!!) and I have told you about what a wonderful time I had in college and the tight bonds I made with some very special people. That is why I was so excited when I found these pictures.

One afternoon in the fall, Trixie (Debra Jean) was upset about something and so we decided to gather some friends (usually from the Rodeo Club) and have a Zoo Day to help break her of her funk. We had most days planned out already so a Zoo Day was special.

Sunday was for bowling… Challenge! Whoever would win the challenge round would have to do anything from fix dinner to pay off the winner with sexual favors. I kid, sort of. Monday was for watching movies. (Lord, if I never see Eight Seconds again it will be too soon.) Tuesday was the only day that we didn’t have something planned out so we normally did dinner night. Wednesday was for dancing (Ladies Night) at the Garage. And Thursday through Saturday were for going out… Happy Hour on Friday!

So Zoo Day was probably a Tuesday.

We took her to McDonalds and everyone was bound (by law – of goofy friend shit) to order Happy Meals. So we grabbed our Happy Meals and all piled into LuLu’s GMC Jimmy and headed to the zoo.

We did go into to the zoo to see the exhibits but we didn’t stay for long, we ended up veering off the beaten path and started playing on boulders and then we headed for the swings and the playground. There were several other kids on the playground with us and they shared the playground equipment very well. We even talked one little boy who was on top of the monkey bars to take our picture from above.

Please click to enlarge all pictures.

At the Zoo 1992 - From Above

From LuLu (in black) at 12 o’clock and clockwise… LuLu, Chad, Trixie, Matt, Me and Troy. Please note that my shirt says “I have a 3.8 Average”. What you can not see is that it says ‘blood alcohol’ in between 3.8 and Average. Apparently I thought I was clever. Lookit Chad’s long ass legs.

I found the whole roll of pictures and there were pictures of us in the reptile house and standing in front of the lemurs or another exhibit, but in all of the pictures we are huddled together as a pack. And that is how I remember our little roving gang of friends… as a pack. We meshed different gangs and formed new ones but we always took care of one another.

Lookin Saucy at the Zoo 1992

From left to right Troy, Chad, Trixie, LuLu and her hair and me. We were trying to be saucy.


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