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Five Random Things and Something About Eating Hotdogs

Issue Date: Thursday, Jul. 27, 2006

First thing’s first.

I finally took a picture of my hair. Well, my hair with me attached.

There was some technical difficulties including (but not limited to):
1) crappy camera belonging to my office
2) with a flash I look positively blue… well, lavender really
3) it is tough to get your hair color to come out correctly on film when you are photographing yourself at arms’ length (member T-Rex arms?) under florescent lighting and last but not least
4) making sure my scorching hotness comes across correctly as more of a “My GOD woman, you are absolutely breath takingly foxy!” as opposed to a Paula Jones post nose job who is about to sneeze vibe.

picture removed

Second thing is second.

The picture will only be up for a short while due to my uncanny ability to find all the crazy on the innernet and date them pre-Mister.

Third thing is third… but really should be the first.

Stacey and I are going to happy hour tonight. A real honest-to-God happy hour with booze and cigarettes and $3 shrimp ka-bobs. Thank you Jesus for letting me live in America (land of the free home of the Whopper) where I can drink and smoke and show my ankles if I damn well want to wear capri’s on a Thursday night!

Thing the fourth.

I took Galen to the vet on Friday. He has gained a whopping ¾ pound in the past three weeks.

The vet was calling him “Whistle Britches” and he was sitting for everyone in the office and generally being very charming and precious. The vet would give him a vitamin and say, “Sit.” And he would sit.

The vet tech was all, “Can you sit for me big boy?” And Galen would plop his little bottom down and then cock his head. One ear would be all floppy and one ear would stand up and the vet tech actually melted into his tennis shoes because of all the cuteness that Galen was throwing at him.

If I could bottle the cuteness (and also the bite-y-ness and the puppy breath) I would be a contestant for world domination.

Thing the fifth.

Saying (typing) the word “contestant” totally makes me think of that Budweiser commercial on the radio for the Real Men of Genius, we salute you Mr. Hot Dog Eating Contest Contestant. (Click on link to listen. You may need to refresh and hit the "go" button to the right of the browser adress bar.)

And… oh, yes… AND “My left arm is tingly..” is the best line EVER.*

For all of the Real Men of Genius commercials click HERE and scroll down a bit for a list.

*I sing it at inappropriate times quite often.


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