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Issue Date: Friday, Aug. 17, 2007

I want to start this out with a shout out. What? Am I too white for bringing the shout outs? Fine. Then I just want to make reference to two awesome things... and then ask help for one whiny thing.

The two... wait, three, THREE awesome things are as follows;

One: Weetabix is like the godfather of the internet. Except that she is a woman... with really big boobs and I have yet to see her pull a semiautomatic weapon out of her precious black patent leather clutch. You need something? It is as good as done. You want someone taken out... wait, not that part. But she hooked me up in a very big way. She writes for an awesome e-zine called Elastic Waist with some other splendid ladies. I talked to her about her entry on birthday cake and she asked me to write about what she and I have shared with one another in the past and BOOM! EW published my entry. See? How awesome is that?

Two: Weet sent me an email with that good news that the brilliant women over at Angry Fat Girlz had me listed as a Featured Post (on the right). It’s like a big love fest over here. Thanks for the props ladies! What? Too white to pull off mad props too? Fine. Then how about, “Thank you ladies for linking to my EW debut.”

Three: It may finally be time to make this public. It is not completely done yet but I finally went and did it (the Notify Lister’s already know this as they get the dirt first) and purchased my own domain name. I went with Moveable Type as my deck and... well, I had an epiphany. I am not very bright. I have no idea how to move over my images and get the searchy thing at the top to let me search for keywords in my journal instead of having to log into MT and then search. I want everyone to be able to search for such gems in my journal like “Iodine” and “Baby Oil”. Like the fine people that find me through searching “Breast Piercing” or “Grandma Boob”. Thanks Google.

Unveiling... (imagine a timpani in your head... seriously, this calls for fireworks and shit.) my new site. Dum di-deee dum dum Dum DUMMMMMM! I give thee:!!! Yes, I know. It needs more. Well, just more. I want to have a list of links and maybe another column on the other side but, as I mentioned above. Not so much with the MT mojo. And if the site doesn’t have a sort of grey flowers in relief thing at the top, maybe hit refresh or something? Seriously.... I DON’T KNOW.

Whiny thing: anyone want to help me? I am in dire need of some Moveable Type smarts over here. Seriously, did you see it? Someone the other day told me that the new site needed more cowbell. I would link to him but he doesn’t have a site (slacker.). I have emailed designers from other places, even the people who entered the MT template contest. No response yet. Anyone? Please? Help?

So, that’s the news.

I’ll be back soon with a story about Reebok’s and almost getting nailed for breaking an entering ... at 13.


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