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I am about as outdoorsy as Joan Collins.

Issue Date: Tuesday, Jan. 02, 2007

Ha--------------PPY New Year!

So, what did ya’ll do? Huh? Did anyone snort coke off of a stripper’s boobie? Anyone?

Mister and I stayed in and did our normal steaks on the grill, champagne and in bed by 12:30 thing. We are so incredibly wild and crazy. Ya’ll could not even keep up (with our walkers) if you tried. Party, party… party. It was like a Beastie Boys video, without the fake mustaches, or the couch (cow?) tipping.

Have ya’ll ever gone cow tipping? I want to say that I have not*; as it is mean and I wouldn’t want to be pushed over if I was sleeping standing up. But we all know how holey my memory is. Ah, like a sieve.

*Although I did run one over.

Ever since I heard about that story (go back an entry) I don’t trust my memory for shit.

I woke up the other morning swearing to Mister that I was “very outdoorsy” and was just in “Norweigia”. Hi, Columbus…? It is NORWAY and I am about as outdoorsy as Joan Collins.

I am seriously afraid that early Alzheimer’s has set in. I will be talking to someone that I have known FOREVER (i.e. my mother) and will totally forget who the hell she is for a split millisecond. I do that to Mister as well and he has almost got it down pat. I’ll be looking at him (he really is a handsome devil), listening, talking, laughing, then I’ll go blank and then snap out of it and tell him that I just forgot who he was. It doesn’t throw him anymore.

I still don’t believe that our house is actually our house. I feel sort of like I am living there as a guest.

Or I will get up and with purpose, stride into another room… only to forget what the hell I was going in there for.

Mister was cooking steaks on Sunday night and I went inside only to stop halfway to the hall office/cubby (where the camera is… and what I was going to get), turn around, watch television for a second, wander into the kitchen, open the refrigerator (?) go back, stand in front of the fireplace, remember what I was doing in the first place then I went and got the camera.

I really need to go back and look at my pictures. I need to listen to music. I need to remember where I put my Zippo lighter that J.Wo and Sil got me for Christmas last year.

Ohhh… and I need to buy some long underwear.

I actually had a subject that I wanted to write about… but, I forgot.


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