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The Other Chad Interview

Issue Date: Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2005

Interview from TheOtherChad.

Please note that all of Chad’s questions are in Bold… my answers are not. Also, please note, that these questions came to me in the form of an email back on December 17th, 2004 and I truly and righteously suck for not answering them sooner.

Sorry Chad.

May you be signed to a record contract with your band and get buckets of money. Amen.

Question 1) What music do you really love, but are slightly embarrassed for liking? Well, I would have to say that I like ska and Josh Grobman or contemporary Christian music and have been made fun of liking all of them. But with the rising popularity of Gwen Stefani and No Doubt and… and um… sorry Josh, I still get made fun of for listening to you. Oh, and Rick Astley. What music do your friends or significant other love that makes you want to wear earplugs? Well, I like a lot of different types of music, but thrash metal is too angry for me and my husband likes it. My co-worker listens to top-40 and that “Goodies” song makes my sinus cavity feel like it is going to implode. And the Boo Bah’s music really freaks me right the fuck out.

Question 2) Hamsters. Cute or icky? I think that they are absolutely precious to look at. Really. Seriously. What? Not like babysitting for some neighborhood kids one time after Christmas permanently scarred me… why do you ask? No, nothing to discuss. Not like I was sweetly cuddling the tiny little hamsters in my hands and then the terrors of the neighborhood told me that we were going to play a game, something about Spies Like Us and then they put the poor hamsters on the fan blades in their room and turned it On! High! I tried to get to the hamsters in time, but before I could get to the poor little furry darlings they were dazed from being projectile wall missiles! Those kids were soooo grounded.

Question 3) What is your idea of a perfect day? Hmmm, I prefer the waking up before the alarm clock goes off, breakfast in bed type of morning. Laughing with my husband about antics of the cat or something funny, as we get ready for the day. Maybe a little road trip or something sinful like a manicure/pedicure or a massage for the two of us. A matinee movie, preferably a comedy they we both enjoy and can giggle about on our way to either a quaint sushi restaurant or to the Melting Pot in Addison for a relaxing evening meal. A stroll around the neighborhood after dinner or a drive around town finished off with reading a bit by the fire or if it is nice outside then having a drink on the patio.

Question 4) Who is your favorite coworker ever? Least favorite? I think my favorite co-worker ever would have to be a toss up between two people, well three. I used to work for this place in Nacogdoches where I was a customer service representative for the northeast. We took, on average, 95 calls a day. My boss’s name was Cookie and she was an incredible person. She and I tore up the town. I love Cookie. I still keep in touch with her. There was also a guy there that kept me in stitches and whom I probably would have left a lot sooner if it weren’t for him… oh and that pesky firing business. Ha ha ha ha! Michael Hall. He was like a tiny, good-looking, bodybuilding version of Chris Farley. By that I mean, he was short, very cute, a body builder and had the comedic timing and huge heart of Chris Farley. I miss them. Oh, and the other awesome coworker was Co-worker C. She was an outward manifestation of my conscience. She listened to me, she called me on my bullshit, she was kind and she was harsh when she had to be. I will always look up to her.
The worst, most awfulest (is too a word) co-worker of all times, was actually my ex-boss. He was rude, he was dismissive, and he had this thing about women… not just to me, but also to the ladies on the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. He would ask for my opinion and then put his hand in my face to silence me, he would snap to get my attention rather than saying my name. I worked for him for two years. Two years too long. He was nice to animals and that was probably his only redeeming quality. Ugh.

Question 5) Who is more irritating, Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore? Michael Moore. Hands down. I can’t explain it. Well, I’ll try because I’m wordy and also… wordy. Maybe it’s his slovenly nature. Maybe it’s the yellow journalism that I perceive coming off of him and his projects in waves. Maybe it’s the sensationalism. I am not sure. I used to think that Rush was a right-wing fascist pig until I started hearing the full statements and commentaries that he was saying as opposed to the snippets the media would feed me. Now I dig deeper and I just see Michael Moore is kinda like that fat kid in the audiovisual club who would talk about the president of the student body behind his back and call him a big stupid head. I know that this whole paragraph is going to get me in deep water with the Fahrenheit 9/11 crowd. But, it is my opinion.

Question 6) Who's your favorite band or recording artist that most people have never heard of? I have several bands that most people really don’t listen to, or that I perceive as being sort of hidden artists. And I could be completely off the charts here, you guys could always correct me. TheOtherChad already let me know that I wasn’t the only one listening to Bob Schneider … and I regularly get Google’d for Kristy MacColl (I think that these are regional to Texas), but I love Keb Mo and coincidentally one of the songs that Keb Mo recorded… “More Than One Way Home” was written by my favorite local singer/songwriter Chant Duplantier. You can visit his site, and hear his music here. I love Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt and the Sundays. Really anything with lots of feeling. There is also a band that my girlfriend and I used to follow around Texas quite often and they usually play at a bar called Sherlock's. They are called Rat Ranch and they rock solid. If you get a chance to go hear them... go.

Question 7) Are you a gadget freak, a technophobe or somewhere in between? I love my palm, and my blackberry. I would adore having an ipod and as far as gadgets in the kitchen go… my vacuum sealer is the shit. But I hardly use my earpiece for my phone, I am plumb retarded when it comes to using the graffiti method on my palm and if I leave my blackberry at the office… meh, no biggie. So I guess I am somewhere in between. Oh, and don’t tell… but the hoopty is so old that I have a cassette player. Woot!

Question 8) Is it really true that women don't care what men look like, as long as we have a sense of humor? That is completely untrue. I like hot men with a sense of humor. And large, smooth hands. That are tall. And loaded. Oh, and they usually have to have a fairly good fashion sense because I can not dress my way out of a paper bag, so unless they don’t mind being completely embarrassed. My cat has to approve as well. This is a must.

Question 9) What do you like about kids? Kids have that infectious laugh thing going on. They also are usually so not self-conscious. They will put seven ponytails in their hair, lipstick on their teeth, a polka dot scarf, a brown sweater with purple whale embroidery and ric-rack… they will completely forgo pants… put on rainbow toe socks… look at you and say, “There! Am I pretty!?” You just have to say. “Perfect. Let’s go.” What do you hate about kids? Maybe it is not what I hate about kids but what I hate about myself when dealing with kids, is that I forget that even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me at the time… that at that moment, whatever is going on in their little lives is the most important thing in the world to them.

Question 10) What movie have you seen more times than any other, and why? (Example: I have seen Grease at least 25 times and Footloose at least 10 times. I don't know why) Over the years I have seen Grease and Footloose each a frillion times as well… and when I was living in Nac with a roommate and no cable or local channels (or furniture) and all we had were a few VHS movies (and Totino’s pizza): Pretty Woman, Grease 2 (“What would they say if they knew it was Michael?” Heh.) and Fletch … “What is your address?”… “Seven.” I saw all of these over and over. And over. And over… and over. But when I got older, and I had a choice of what to buy and watch I returned to the same movies over and over again. Fifth Element and Blade Runner have always held fascinations for me. Especially Blade Runner, I saw it for the first time on HBO when I was 12. Rutger Hauer and Harrison Ford dueling with not just brawn and technology but in the end Rutger Hauer saving Harrison Fords life one handed while holding a white dove… very symbolic.

This concludes my interview with a vampi---

Wait, I mean… this concludes my interview with TheOtherChad. I thank you for your kind and thoughtful questions Chad.

If anyone else has questions, please email me. Thank you!


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