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Issue Date: Monday, Sept. 20, 2004

Me: I’m excited about going to Houston to see LuLu and her belly.

Mister: When are you going again?

Me: October 2nd and 3rd.

Mister: Baby shower right?

Me: Yep.

Mister: You haven’t seen her at all since she’s been pregnant have you?

Me: No, I suck as a friend. But at least I got to see Sil while she was pregnant. I can’t wait to see Baby Sam. I’m so glad she’s finally here

Mister: What is her full name again?

Me: Samantha Gray.

Mister: That’s pretty.

Me: I think so too.

Mister: We have claimed Elizabeth Hope right?

Me: Yep…

Mister: … and Brandon Paul too… right?

Me: uh huh…

Mister: …. What about Jesus?

Me: Like Jesus Jesus?

Mister: [nods] Yep. And not even call him Hay-Sooos… like the Hispanics do. Really call him Jesus. But spell it… J-E-R-S-R-U-R-S.

Me: Um, what’s the deal with all the R’s?

Mister: They’re silent. Heh.

Me: …


Me: Middle name Elvis?

Mister: Sweet.

Me: Jesus Elvis (LastName)?… Catchy.

Mister: All the R’s are really going to throw a lot of people off. Heh.

Mister and I went to Destin, FL back in May and on our way back we stopped in New Orleans, LA. We fell in love with this beautiful watercolor done by a local artist of three jazz musicians. We first saw the painting on the square the first time we passed through the city on the way to our vacation spot. So when it was still there on our way home, we snatched it up and praised Lady Luck for our good fortune.

The painting is a medley of jewel tones and yellows mixed with the medium of charcoal for the outlines for the jazz players. I love this painting. It is the first piece of art that Mister and I have purchased together and it doesn’t go with one single thing in our home.

I have one other watercolor that was purchased on the steps of the Opera House in Paris. That piece is absolutely tiny and it is almost like a piece of my heart was captured on acid free paper. So when Mister and I found the piece in New Orleans we were so excited. It is vibrant, it is large, it is colorful… and the best part. It, when framed, will look divine above our new fireplace.

Wednesday evening I got home after a long day and my husband met me at the door, he took my things from me. Placed my purse on the table, draped my sweater on the back of a kitchen chair, asked me to kick off my shoes and then proceeded to uncork my favorite champagne for the unveiling of the newly framed painting.

We took the painting to a local framing house called Grace’s. She. Is. A. Doll. It was a bit pricey, but ya’ll we double matted the piece, wide matted, beautiful. Italian frame. Good Lord. So beautiful.

Mister poured the champagne and I walked all over the living room taking pictures (that I am sure will not turn out). He hung it wonderfully, it is perfect. The colors we picked out are divine. I am so excited.

It brings that whole room together….

That, and I took down the curtains that were hanging in there since 1976, cream with pink ribbons and blue bows. They made me cry and pulled out my soul repeatedly. My living room is now happy, the fireplace is happy, the couch and all of the furniture is happy… the curtains that should be burned (it’s a rental… I can’t torch them) are put away and my pretty taupe tapestry curtains are up.


Much better.

Wanna come over?


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