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Weeticoners, call me, I love you.

Issue Date: Monday, Mar. 12, 2007

Hi babies. Hi, yes… I have left that long ass three part entry up for a while now. Is it time to move on? It is? But what if I don’t want to? Hmmm? What if I keep fondling my airline ticket stub from my flight from Green Bay into Chicago as I read another one of my sister’s crazy ass books, and use said ticket stub as a book mark? What if I keep going back to the photo pool and looking and looking at every picture as they are posted? What then huh? What if I don’t even care that I have seven chins and my eyebrows took a leave of absence in every photo? I like it in Green Bay!

Okay, I will fondle the ticket in the privacy of my own home and try to keep up with this journal but no one warned me that it would be this hard to move on from the weekend in Green Bay. No one told me that I would go as a complete stranger and then never want to leave the company of the people I just met. You guys didn’t warn me. You never said… “Hey Sue? You’ll be talking about moving to Green Bay the moment you get home. Your little house? Your perfect little house? It would be perfect in Green Bay too. You could have cheese curds whenever you wanted… and lunch with Weet and visit Kari in Milwaukee and be closer to Sil in Chicago.”

Fine, I’ll work on moving on, but I am not promising anything.

Weeticoners, call me, I love you.

Let’s talk about the past for a moment. To those of you who have just started reading this diary/journal/place for a mental spill, you may not know that I was married when I was young. I was married to a Jedi Master Redneck. The Jedi Master part was because he could talk me into almost anything. The Redneck part? Oh, that was pretty self explanatory.

If you need links to help you understand (or waste time at work…. Oh, you know who you are….) I would like to suggest reading this one, this one about where Trix and I fell in the pecking order and/or the four part series “Road to Baton Rouge” that starts here.

That last one is kinda sad. Not telling if it is real life or fiction, you figure it out.

Or… not. I just kind of wanted to set the stage for the fascinating headline on the front page of the Lufkin Daily News the other day. Trix went to pick up the boys (her sons) from Nacogdoches and our ex-father-in-law gave her the paper that proudly displayed this as the headline on the front page. And if you aren’t fond of links, I will go ahead and give you the title of the story, "Known suspect: Clerk IDs alleged robber as her baby's daddy”. And I am SO not fucking kidding.

I have millions of stories about living out there in East Texas. I have millions of memories, most of them good. Some of them so bad that I forget about them (on purpose) until someone else brings them up. I have triggers that can lay me to waste in an instant (I smell bacon.*) and I have things that make me laugh so hard I almost pee.

*Trying to give up my daily bacon fix. Have y’all seen the size of my ass lately? You could serve a buffet on the shelf o’ass that my butt has become.

I think I tried to hold on to that little town for all of the wrong reasons. I lived in Nacogdoches for nine years. Four years going to Stephen F. Austin State University and then the rest I spent married to X, the Redneck Master Jedi.

My college years were incredible. Full of laughter, pain, humiliation, lessons, wonderful hours and hours of dancing and the friendships I made were ironclad.

For example:

Click to make biggie.

Kerr Krew 1992

As a matter of fact these lovely ladies and I , aka The Kerr Krew will be gathering at a massive home in Dallas the weekend of the 23-25th and there will be drinking, there will be dancing, there will be story telling and photo books poured over. There may even be some line dancing… just to take us back to the years when it was cool. (Or at least a three month period when it was cool.)

I haven’t seen some of these ladies in twelve plus years. I see Stacey, Kerry and Stephanie the most. Steph just moved to Seattle (boooo) and I have been trying to get her set up with Linda over at All & Sundry. We do get to see Jalena occasionally but that is it. The rest of them? In Houston, in Ohio, spread out all over the place.

So, yes, I am very excited to get to see everyone.

I was also going to tell y’all the story of a man named Bucky from Allen, TX. But, my heart isn’t into it right now. I am forced to do worky type stuff. So, remind me later to tell you about the cross dressing cowboy. Alrighty?

And since I have been linktastic in this entry… one more for humiliation’s sake. Click here to openly make fun of my hair.


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