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Issue Date: Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2005

I know I have had a link (up in the header part… [points]) to my LINKS PAGE up since Oz did my redesign and I have yet to fix it. Here is my first attempt.

Diaryland Diaries that I frequent on a regular basis. These are in alphabetical order. Or they are starting out that way.

mimi smartypants
squirrelx *does anyone know where she went???

Here are some others that demand mention. Them’s good readins.

Robyn over at A Damn Thing.
Amy and her beautiful self at Amalah.
Nat-Nat at Cats In The Tub.
Jette at Celluloid Eyes. *This is the first journal I evah read!
Heather and her family at Dooce.
Doxie Um.. Monkey!
Mary at Fly In The Honey.

The amazing prose written by my friend and part-time partner in crime gatsby.

AB and Camp Chao over at Hashai.
Coleen to the D and her hussy self at Hussified.
Invincible Girl
Preston at (heh) Lactating Power.
Molly Kath at Les-Cadeaux*** AWESOME!.
The gallery of regrettable food… indeed. Heh Lileks.
Pineapple Girl.
Tami and her bad self at Reflectivity.
Anne at SomethingUnderTheBed may or may not be drooling… go check for yourself. Oh, and she promised to switch places with me if I ever got tired of Texas.
Julia at Tequila Mockingbird.
Martha at The Random Muse.
Sars at Tomato Nation.
The fabulously witty CR at Witt and Wisdom.

Oh, The girls over at Snarkywood.

And this... this is my new favorite lunch time show... He Looks Like. Seriously, click on the link, but beware, you may pee a little.

I would also like to give a mad shout out to Oz who did my fabulous design.

Deleted the original Links entry from Aug/04 and replaced it with this one due to Diaryland not letting me edit the old one.


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To understand this dear reward (above) at all, you must hie thee on and read gatsby’s grape ape entry and my comments.

And because of said comments he sent me my very own dream turtle in an email titled wee gift with these words attached, “my purple monkey is booked solid so i ordered you a tangerine turtle. hope he proves helpful.”

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