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To be fun, I am also going to add some questions at the end.

Issue Date: Friday, Jun. 22, 2007

Good Friday to all of you. Not that it is actually Good Friday, Good Friday. But it is Friday and... it is good.

Give me a stick, this dead horse needs a beatin’.

So, onto the topics at hands.

Oh, there are not actual “topics at hand”? Well, shit.

I just looked through my trusty little notes section of outlook and came up with nothing. The same things I listed last time and haven’t gotten around to writing about or either have completely forgotten. I did come across a very vivid and detailed description of a dream that I had in March. But I won’t bore you with that.

Then there is the “How did you and Mister meet?” thing... but that’s for another time. Oh, and I also get lots of requests for pictures of my ex-husband and/or those of the ex-boyfriend(s) that I have spoken of. I guess I just whetted your whistle when I showed you that picture of the Omaha guy. Huh? You cheeky monkies.

Let’s play a game*.

*I am totally going to pass this off as a game, even though it is one of those Friday Favorites, or also known as... a meme. Can you believe the gall of me? I know, I know... I have absolutely NO shame whatsoever.

And to further the shame, I am not even going to be original about it.

The meme is this:

It is exhaustive and I found it by searching for music meme’s on Google. Seriously, I am reaching here. But... to be fun, I am also going to add some questions at the end that were asked by J.Ho (formerly J.Wo) and Sil during our Labor Day Chicago Trip 2005**.

Name your top 10 most played bands on iTunes (Or MP3 player or whatever – online radio, the ones that make you go “Ooh Ooh Ooh!!!” Like Horshack on Welcome Back Cotter and don’t even ask me what Welcome Back Cotter is or I will have to sit on you and make you watch an episode.) AND NO JUDGING:

1. Bryan White
2. Anita Baker
3. Anna Nalick
4. Bob Segar
5. Chris Daughtry
6. Christina Aguilera
7. Counting Crows
8. Dave Matthews Band
9. Destiny’s Child
10. Eurhythmics/Annie Lennox

1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6 (Christina Aguilera)?
I am going to say either “Genie In A Bottle” or “What A Girl Wants”. I was (twenty)four or something.

2. What is your favorite album of 2 (Anita Baker)?
Rapture – She has such a range of emotion form sultry singing siren that makes you all warm and tingly in your no no parts and then she rips out your heart, stops that sucker flat and then puts it in a cross cutting shredder with the memories and passion she has in her voice. Bitch.

3. What is your favorite lyric that 5 (Chris Daughtry) has sung?
I’m really surprised he showed up on my list as I have like two of his songs. I think. So probably, “I'm going to the place where love / And feeling good don't ever cost a thing.” From Home.

4. How many times have you seen 4 (Bob Segar) live?
Never.... dammit.

5. What is your favorite song by 7 (Counting Crows)?
Round Here or Colorblind.

6. What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10 (Eurhythmics/Annie Lennox)?
Everything from “Missionary Man” to anything off of Annie’s album Diva takes me to a slice of ‘back when’. Tell the truth, you heard her music as the soundtrack for Striptease and you tried to dance around your apartment with only a towel on your head and tried to strut your stuff like Demi Moore did to Little Bird and Money Can’t Buy It while your cat stared at your naked body and gave you the “I’ve seen better.” look. What? Because I never did that. Nope.

7. Is there a song of 3 (Anna Nalick) that makes you sad?

8. What is your favorite lyric that 2 (Anita Baker) has sung?
“When you love me, I smile / I feel your hands and you feel mine / You bring me joy”

9. How did you get into 3 (Anna Nalick)?
To be honest I had VH1 on at home one morning and she was on their “One to Watch” list. I watched. Found her... loved her voice and frank honesty.

10. What was the first song you heard by 1 (Bryan White)?
Love is the Right Place

11. What is your favorite song by 4 (Bob Segar)?
Oh, Rowr... Come to Papa. It reminds me of a bright spot during a very dark time.

12. How many times have you seen 9 (Destiny’s Child) live?
Never actually

13. What is a good memory you have involving 2 (Anita Baker)?
I made a CD for Mister when we were first dating. Shut up, seriously. Yes. I made him a “mixed tape” and You Bring Me Joy was one of the songs. He turned the meaning of that song around for me.

14. Is there a song of 8 (Dave Matthews Band) that makes you sad?
Yes, Gravedigger off of “Some Kind of Devil” I believe.
“Muriel Stonewall
1903 to 1954
She lost both of her babies in the second great war
Now you should never have to watch
Your only children lowered in the ground
I mean you should never have to bury your own babies

When you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain

15. What is your favorite album of 5 (Chris Daughtry)?
Well, I think there is only one released. So, um... Daughtry...?

16. What is your favorite lyric that 3 (Anna Nalick) has sung?
From Breathe
“2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song /
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me, /
Threatening the life it belongs to /
And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd /
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud /
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to”

17. What is your favorite song of 1 (Bryan White)?
Tree of Hearts... warning: will make you cry.

18. What is your favorite song of 10 (Eurhythmics/Annie Lennox)?
This is tough because do you realize how long this woman has been making music? Unapologetically beautiful, strong, raw, soft, angry and everything that I always wanted to be when I grew up. But give me anything off of the album Diva and I will be shaking a tail feather, or crying... or um. What? Bipolar? No. Look, over here!... Shiny!

19. How many times have you seen 8 (Dave Matthews Band) live?
Again, sadly, not even once.

20. What is your favorite album of 1 (Bryan White)?
The Right Place

21. What is a great memory you have considering 9 (Destiny’s Child)?
After my divorce from X, singing Bills Bills Bills and having more money than I did when we were married... making the same, more bills, but knowing I was taking care of myself and RAAAAAWR! I AM SHE-RA!

22. What is your favorite cover by 2 (Anita Baker)? My Funny Valentine

Okay, now for the fun stuff. And NO, my face is not red. I am not ashamed of my musical diet. Shut up. Seriously. Seriously. No judging.

Fine, I’m sort of (A WHOLE LOTTA) ashamed. No poking fun.

**Also, I am totally going by memory and a sketchy phone call that I just made to J.Ho.

1. Best song to make you smile/laugh.
I’m The Only Gay Eskimo by Corky and the Juice Pigs – go on, click me to watch the video.

2. Best song from the 80’s.
What genre? This is so unfair. Do I have to pick just one? And which part of the 80’s? Let’s say Blasphemous Rumors from Depeche Mode.

3. First song that you knew all the words to... without singing along on the radio. Smuggler’s Blues by.... Glenn Frey? Yes, Glenn Frey. Nice huh? I was like what, thirteen? No... I knew the words to Rhinestone Cowboy a LONG time before that.

4. First song you made up a dance to.
Full choreography? Fame baby.

5. Best song to make you feel like driving really fast!
Anything off of Metallica’s – Ride the Lightening or And Justice for All.

6. Best song for a good cry.
I would have to say Almost anything off of Bonnie Raitt’s Collection album. But I particularly like Guilty and First Night Alone Without You or not on that particular album Nobody’s Girl (Off of Nick of Time). Oooh, or I Don’t Know Why by Shawn Colvin.

7. Best song to start off a party. Hey Ya! – Outkast / In Da Club – 50 Cent / Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-LotT / Love Shack - B-52s / Crazy In Love – Beyonce w/ Jay-Z / Get the Party Started – Pink / Strokin – Clarence Carter / Crazy Bitch – Buck Cherry / Hella Good – No Doubt / It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls / Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes / Lose Control – Missy Elliott ... I’ve got a bunch of ideas. Depends on what kind of party it is. Easy, laid back dinner party? Little Jason Mraz, or Gavin DeGraw. A Barbeque? With college friends? There has to be some country in there somewhere... and something raucous.

8. Song that is stuck in your head right now.
I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes) by Steelheart. Hi, I am a product of the 90’s.

9. Best soundtrack ever.
This is a toss up between about sixty-eleven of them. So I will just list some of them and y’all can do that ME TOO!!!!!!!!! thing. Grease and Grease 2 of course. Then Cruel Intentions, Saturday Night Fever, Blade Runner (I love Vangellis, shut it.), Moulin Rouge, Garden State, Dirty Dancing, Xanadu, Almost Famous, Flashdance, Footloose, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (both I & II), Ray, A Star Is Born... okay, you get the picture. Oh, wait... two more. Rocky Horror Picture Show and Empire Records. And High Fidelity and PCU. Okay, I’ll stop.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

10. Best “Bow chicka bow wow” song.
This is so cliché’ but, You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker.

You babies know the drill, copy, paste and let me know that you played along in the comments and I will linkity link link to you.

Playing along right now... 6/25/07 @ 1:16 pm

1) Trance Jen on her livejournal: Linkity (and stop sending her pictures of your penis!)

2) mike (the one, the only): Linkity for first part, Linkity for second part (and totally send him pictures of your penis!)


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