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Mysfit Interview

Issue Date: Monday, May. 16, 2005

Mysfit, our little precious fish from over at Following My Fish started this Interview last week. I told her that I was up for the challenge and she posted these questions into my comments box.

So, let’s play along, shall we?

1) What flavor is blue?
I believe that blue can have certain flavors associated with it. It does not have to taste cool or minty like those bastards at Life-Savers want you to think. (Or is that green?) And I do not think that it has to be associated with blueberry because blueberry has “blue” in the name either. To me, blue will always taste like homemade vanilla ice cream. Not that crappy store bought kind either. The kind that my grandfather would make by mixing milk and vanilla extract and sugar in a churn on the back of his old ass Dodge truck. He would turn the crank on that handle while my sister and I would alternate pouring ice chips and rock salt down the sides of the cylinder to make the churn colder. I can remember how blue the sky was and how we would sit in the cool Georgia grass that was so green it was almost blue, eating that ice cream that my grandpa worked so hard for. It was the best thing in the world.

2) What is your favorite childhood memory?
Well, there I was running off at the mouth about the color blue and I got to thinking about my grandparents. So let me tell you a bit about them. I can not single out one childhood memory because I truly had a wonderful growing up experience. My sister and I are the youngest of 6 grandkids and my parents were high school sweethearts in a very small town in North Georgia so we knew everyone in that small town even though we didn’t live there. When we went to visit Moms and Pops (my father’s parents) it was like taking a step back in time. Norman Rockwall, eat your heart out.
Ok… favorite memory time. Well, my sister was a redheaded tornado… really… a whirling dervish. And when my father would get home from work, I would usually be asleep already, so… my folks would wake me up to play with me because, “You were so sweet and cuddly.” I guess because they never got any alone time with me because my sister was so wild. So, as you can guess, I developed a real knack for not sleeping. So when we’d go to visit my grandparents, I’d be up at 3 or 4am and Mommsie would get up with me and we’d go into the kitchen and sit at their big humongous table and have Saltine crackers and milk and have “Us time”.
Moms is what I wish I could be as a woman. If I would pull my head out of my ass and stop being so lazy, maybe I could be that person.
Did ya’ll know…???
Ok.. no more Mommsie stories… later.

3) Why, Suzanna Danna, why?
My father started calling me that when I was little. My given name is Susan and Daddy would call me everything from Turkey to Peanut to Susie-Q to Suzanna Danna. I’m not sure where he got it. I think he used to rhyme it with Suzanna Danna banana… I don’t know.

4) If you could go anywhere in the world for a month- where would it be and why?
Anywhere? For a month? Hmmm… this is a good one sugar pie. I may be stumped. Or then again, I may get all sorts of wordy. Heh. Well, I love to travel. I like cold climates, and I like warm climates. I like to snow ski and I like to water ski. I love the beach at the ocean, and I love to see the leaves change color in New England. I would love to see all of the shows again in London at the Strand or go and spend days and days at the Louvre in Paris. I would love to go to the coast of Australia and dive for pearls or maybe to Africa and dig for diamonds or … the Grecian Islands…. Mmmmm.
Hell, I could probably be happy just hanging out for a month in Destin, Florida.
I’ve only been out of the country to Mexico, London and Paris. There are many more places I would love to go. But if I had to stay in one place, I think I would like to go to Fiji. I have always wanted to go on a diving trip in Fiji.

5) The chicken or the egg - what's your take?
I think that chickens are nasty as hell. And eggs aren’t that much better.
Sorry. I have issues.
If I eat chicken, it really can’t resemble chicken in any way, shape or form. And eggs? Whites only please.
I lived WAY too close to a bunch of nasty ass chicken houses when I was living in Nacogdoches. And I think that they all were spawned simultaneously from the ass of Satan*.

*(I accidentally typed Stan. That was funnier.)

The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


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