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Like a Lamborghini Thunder Star with Wings or something.

Issue Date: Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2004

Ok, update from the information yesterday. I made mention of this in the comments/guest book section, so if you have already read that little tidbit… I apologize for the redundancy.

I got a call from the neurologist’s office yesterday afternoon. Janet told me that Dr. Bell wanted to schedule me for several tests at the hospital as soon as possible. These tests are (I actually typed testes… heh) an MRI brain, and MRI c-spine and an MRA head and neck. I don’t know what any of this means.

I do know that I had a CAT scan back in November when I had the big, bad migraine from hell.

Aren’t CAT scans and MRIs sort of the same thing? One is just more advanced, right? The way Mister explained it was thus: an X-Ray is sort of like a 1978 Dodge Dart, a CAT Scan is a 2003 Corvette and an MRI is a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo or something that sounded equally impressive. Like a Lamborghini Thunder Star with Wings or something.

The doc also wants me to keep the appointment with the ophthalmologist that I have scheduled for tomorrow at 2:45. So, yeah… buncha scary tests to make sure nothing is wrong. I don’t think anything is wrong per se, but something may be a bit amiss.

All of the MRI/MRA things are scheduled for next Tuesday at 9 am.

I’m sort of looking forward to the MRI brain one. I really want to see those results when they come back. The director of my department has migraines quite regularly and she said that every time you have a migraine it makes this little star pattern on your brain and that those little star things are visible on the MRI films. Sounds pretty cool, but a little freaky too if you ask me. You are supposedly able to see the actual damage each migraine does to your gray matter.

I wonder if that has any bearing on how I can go months and months without anything goofy, then one day I’ll be all ‘tarded and forget who people are for a millisecond. Even if I am married to said people. Or if said people is my mother or sister. Do you guys ever do that?

I’d like to think that it’s just because I am so incredibly brilliant that my brain gets overloaded with all of the smart shit that I think about that for one brief millisecond, I just “reboot”.

Or… not.

So, yeah… there’s that.

Oh, and tonight, I am (or we are) entertaining a group of friends for dinner. Patrick and Chrissy are the sweetest couple and they have three girls under the age of four. They had us over to dinner a few weeks back and we wanted to have them over once we got settled in the new place, so Sunday we made plans for tonight.

Another set of friends (Trina and Marti) from church just called my cell phone because they are in town to see some friends of theirs that just had a baby. When Trina called, I had the brilliant idea to ask Trina and Marti to join us as well.

We are going to have six adults, four children under the age of four and a cat running around our house tonight. I’m kinda excited. Mister was all “Check with me next time before you commit…” when I called him. But I think he’s excited too.

We will also have company this weekend for an overnight stay. My parents are going to be in town. They are coming in for a funeral. My brother in law’s grandmother passed away yesterday morning. She was 94 and the sweetest thing. She had had a stroke Sunday morning. So my folks are coming in to go to the funeral and to stay with us Saturday night.

I don’t have dust ruffles on either of the beds, but I am excited.


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