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I will be sure and wear my sexy pleather-like pants.

Issue Date: Monday, Jun. 20, 2005

Has it been a week yet? Yes? No?

Ok, who cares… this was so much fun. I love the contest thingy. I should have a contest every month or something.

Would ya’ll play?

I asked the question in this entry, where ya’ll thought Mister was taking me on June 25th for a Surprise. Although, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he let it slip before dinner one night because he can NOT keep a secret… heh. I asked it again in this entry to give a little more time to those playing along.

And the comments have been awesome.

Ya’ll fucking rock.

I got guesses on everything from car shows to Sea World (welcome back Anne!), to... a Miniature Book Society Grand Conclave XXIII (heh, thanks Alan), the opening of the War of the Worlds from Chad, the longest comment I’ve ever received from anyone from Almost Normal, to the moon in a balloon from jenn see, to Vegas Baby! from LuLu and…

The correct answer is… Rascal Flatts Baby! Provided by Miss Trixie. If she would ever update her damn site, I would provide you guys with a link. But I will be sending Trix with a mix cd of music of my choosing… but seeing as how we were related by marriage for 6 fucking years, she probably has all of my cd’s by proxy anyways. Have ya’ll ever heard Trix sing? Nope?

Hey Trix? Make an audio recording of some Lari White record or something. Love you! I’ll make a copy of that Vigilante TaTa’s cd I was telling you about and send it. (psst… wouldn’t that be a great name for a band? Yeah, I thought so too… that and Unnecessary Umlaut.)

So yeah… my awesome husband is taking me to Rascal Flatts Saturday night. The venue opens at 6 pm and it will be as hot as the surface of the sun. We will be at this place… and you will notice that it is an open-air music venue. So, yes, I will be sure and wear my sexy pleather-like pants like I did to the Poison/Winger/Ratt/Cinderella/Dokken concert that I went to back in June of 2002 and lost two inches off of my thighs that night.

See? S-M-R-T.


Oh, and also sexy.

Actually, Mister got us seats under that canopy thingy and it is actually air conditioned. How much does he love me? More than I deserve, I’ll tell you that much for free.

And if you signed up for the notify listy thing at the bottom… thank you. The notify listers are awesome!


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