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Entry Number 150

Issue Date: Monday, Feb. 21, 2005

Today is the 21st of February. Two years ago yesterday I started this journal with barely a hint at whether or not I would ever finish it out through the end of the week.

In the previous 29 years I had started and lost a half dozen locket-ed and bejeweled girly diaries with loopy and halting cursive hand writing with hearts above the i’s. Those were never the real me, those flowery and precious books filled with stories about princes (Donny Osmond) and true love. So I started spiral ring notebooks filled with pages upon pages of thoughts and stories of animals and angsty teens fighting the good fight, maybe finding love… maybe just finding themselves in trouble. That didn’t seem to fit either. So when I started college, I started a few floppy discs that I stored my stories on. My thoughts and my dreams on a little 3”x5” disc.

Who knows where those are.

If you have them. Don’t laugh. And if you have already laughed loudly and with much vigor... please do not sell them for posterity… or for my embarrassment, which may be one in the same… thanks.

Kisses… love you, yanno.

That left this little slice of weirdness. It has served as a place for me to vent when I couldn’t do so to friends, and loved ones… or when it was wisest not to do so because my brain wasn’t working in tandem with my mouth… and it has served as a place to put some memories in moratorium.

Kinda like Disney.

Heh. (Shut it… that was funny.)

I have written 149 diaryland entries… this will be my 150th and only six of those are hidden. I could have deleted the hidden entries as easily as I archived them, but I wanted to preserve my state of mind at that point, and yet keep a bit of myself hidden from the world’s prying eyes. Although I have put a lot of other things on display, dreams, aspirations, fears… extreme dorkitude.

To be honest I am completely flabbergasted that I have kept this up so long, and I am still enjoying every moment of it. Maybe it is because I do not worry too much about grammatical errors, punch lines, story boards or even correct tense throughout a journal entry and for that gentle reader, I do apologize… and in the same breath applaud and thank you for continuing with me along this journey.

Thank you.


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