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Oh, Hi Morty.

Issue Date: Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006

thanks to all of you who participated in the poll...

i am posting directly from the "add entry" box within diaryland... so for any spelling mistakes and as always, the grammar (and extra commas), my apologies.

To: mister
From: me
Topic: earrings
you know those cute little stylish blue "pearl" earrings that I put on this morning before I fastened you with a smooch and headed out the door? those cute, little, stylish, blue "pearl" earrings with the necklace to match? they are now the cute, little, stylish, "pearl" earrings Of DEATH!
member when I yelped when I put the right one in? yelped twice? well, i am stupid because there is a good reason for yelping and i should have headed it directly.
when i got on the elevator this morning and cunningly checked my reflection in the mirror in the back of the elevator out of the corner of my eye (as not to seem totally vain) i noticed that my right ear was had something on it... i touched it and drew back fingers spotted with blood. the cute little stylish blue "pearl" earrings have a lever-back and the spring on both of the earrings has a pointy metal spike that comes out when you close the back of the earring. perfect for piercing an already pierced ear. stupid earrings... Of DEATH!

that was an email i sent to mister this morning. and all day i have been saying "earring, of Deasss" like Muerte (aka Morty) from undercover blues.

if you haven't seen this movie, i suggest that you find a copy and see it today... hysterical (is that spelled correctly?) and you have the added bonus of clips like this.

earrings of deasss!


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