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The Power of Google

Issue Date: Monday, Jul. 18, 2005

Angelina Jolie is my new pretend girlfriend. She kicked Joan Jett out of that coveted top spot this past Saturday night as my husband and I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the local Cinemark theater.

Can I get a hearty “Hell Yeah!”?

No? Really… No? I can’t? Scrooge.

Sure, sure… I know what you are all saying. How typical. Right? Well, yeah. I’ve been aware (and drooling) over Miss Jolie since Hackers (shut up) and Gia. But seeing her in this role made me appreciate her (and her boobies) even more. Maybe it was the sense of humor thing shown off in this movie. Who knows?

Orrrrr… it could have been my immense love for popcorn and action movies talking.



Ya’ll? Do you guys remember a few days ago? Ok, maybe a few weeks ago when I got all nostalgic and went off on- no… not that… the other thing… the roller skating. Yeah, that.

Member that?

Member when I um, mentioned some dude by his given name. First and last? Well… if you don’t and you are not familiar with how to work the archives… please follow this link here – this one right here… click on THIS to go to that entry – name of dude is at the bottom… So, I mentioned some guy. And by the power invested in Google I found the roller skating rink that I used to go to Friday night skating parties and such. And also, um… (the notify listers already know this because they are aware of the extreme limits of my crazy… and like it says down there “the notify listers get the dirt first!” Seriously ya’ll sign up! It’s fun… like fuzzy puppies and rainbows, except not as squee.) I found said guy via Google.

Well… whom I thought was the guy who I used to partner skate with and who was my boyfriend in the 5th grade. And, um… how serious can you be in the 5th grade? “With you go with me? Yes or no?” “Go where?” “Apparently skating you skinny freak… and what is it with you and sailor shirts anyway?” “Shut up… whaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Annnnnd Scene.

Oh, yeah… um…. Point.

So. Yeah, I found this dude. (Notify listers got the website address… I love notify listers.) And I emailed him. We will now refer to dude as… Indiana Jones as he is all archaeological and PhD and smart and digging for stuff with his 18 degrees. I sent Indy this benign little email saying, “Hey man, did you go to so & so school in GA in the 5th grade and do you know who in Sam Hill I am?” Except for less dorky sounding.

Really. I was nice and professional and spelled school without a K.

Indiana Jones emailed me back over the weekend and I got it today. It is him.

Ah, the power of cheese Google.


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And because of said comments he sent me my very own dream turtle in an email titled wee gift with these words attached, “my purple monkey is booked solid so i ordered you a tangerine turtle. hope he proves helpful.”

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