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Mini Reunion Planned

Issue Date: Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006

I just re-read over my post from yesterday and I apologize. The grammar and tense were completely eff’d up. I inserted words that were not necessary into perfectly normal sentences and I deleted some that were obligatory to make any sense whatsoever. I didn’t elaborate on my poor little tummy (which is fine by the way… my ego was just a little bruised at the outward show of stupidity) or on the upcoming trip to Nacogdoches.

Thing the first.

I am fine, my little tummy is a bit blistered and I feel like a complete moron for causing the discomfort in such a retarded way. I knew better ya’ll. I KNEW better. My brain was all, “Uh, you sure this is such a good idea Einstein? Your abs are not the flattest, and any quick movement could cause that boiling water to upset and flee from the confines of the cup. You can barely walk down the hallway with the water not burning at least one of your fingers on your right hand.”

Did I listen? Nope.

What did I listen to you ask? Well “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm” by C&C Music Factory has been on constant play through the shuffle on Herschel.

So, yeah, there’s that.

Ok, now onto thing the second, the mini reunion. (Psst, Trix, come to Nac.)

Ya’ll have heard me talk about D’Wayne and Troy from college right? The three of us were thick like thieves. Troy’s daddy, Sonny, was the one who passed away back in August.

Is any of this helping or must I link? (Links: on D’Wayne and Troy, on D’Wayne alone, on Troy alone and on Sonny. I am sure there are more, but I can’t find them.)

Anyway, D’Wayne’s beautiful wife Gloria (she’s one of my ya-ya’s) called me a few weeks ago and asked what Mister and I were doing the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of February. I told her that I needed to check and see if the family had plans for my sister’s birthday, but I didn’t think we had any plans yet. She told me she wanted to plan a surprise birthday for D’ and she wanted our whole group from college to meet up back in Nac and go out to Jitterbugs with everyone.

(Hey Trix? Did I invite you to Nac? Yes? Oh, well, then good. Hope you can make it.)

Can I tell you guys how incredibly excited I am? We’re all staying at the same hotel and LuLu is even going to be able to make it. Troy and his wife are planning on being there. Chad is coming down that Saturday evening after a fishing tournament and we’re still trying to talk Debra Jean (Trixie) into coming. One problem. Our holy-rolling, matriarchal, passive aggressive bitch of an ex-mother-in-law. If she finds out Trix is in town, she will cause problems.

This is a link to a pic of me, Chad, LuLu, Trixie and Troy when we were like 12. Scroll down.

I miss my friends ya’ll. We’ve become scattered. Trix is in San Antonio, LuLu and D’ are in Houston, Troy is in OK and Chad and I are in Dallas.

How apropos, after “She’s a Bad MamaJama” from Stevie Wonder… The Corrs’ “Breathless” just played. Ya’ll want to know what Trix sounds like when she sings? Listen to this song.

For all of us to be in the same place some 12 years (in LuLu’s case) after we left is an incredible opportunity to me. We all left, peeled off like the discarded skin of a reptile… that sounds so gross, but I used the onion metaphor yesterday. Little help here?

Anyway, LuLu left first. She left college to go back home and work. We would take any opportunity to travel and see her. When one of our favorite bands was playing in Houston several of us jumped in the car and headed to Houston. We all, and by all I mean all of us who traveled down AND the band, slept on the floor of Lisa’s parent’s house. We all went down for her uncle’s 40th birthday. The pictures of those times are some of the happiest times I remember. (Ok, I’ll see if I can find them… LuLu & Trix, ya’ll look too.)

D’Wayne left next. He went to Austin to work a job. He ended up coming back and staying for several years. And that is when he met Gloria.

Troy left next and went to New Caney (North of Houston) to live and work near his parents.

Several years later when I graduated (Trix was still in school) we ended up marrying brothers.

Chad stayed for a few years too. He ended up marrying another local (who actually dated my then husband a few months before I did).

At D’Wayne and Gloria’s wedding Troy met his future wife Shi. They just moved to Oklahoma from Arkansas.

In 1999 I left X and Nacogdoches to make a home in Dallas. Shortly after Trix left to move to Houston and make a home and start a better life. And a better life she did find… bless her little (filly) heart.

Chad was the last one to leave Nacogdoches. He and his then wife moved to Dallas for the job market. They didn’t last that much longer and she is now back in Nac and remarried.

To have all of us back in the same place; if only for a little while; makes my heart grow three sizes.

Just like the Grinch.


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