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So, yeah. I am clearly Pinky to Mister’s Brain.

Issue Date: Monday, Aug. 16, 2004

My sunburn is completely gone. All I am left with is the peeling, nasty and itchy aftermath of horrible skin trauma. I keep asking Mister to scratch me. There, no, there… no wait… my left wing bone… ahhhhhhhhhhh. And he, because he is the bestest friend, lover, husband, sweetheart a woman can have… does it.

Yes, I am a lucky, lucky woman.

But I figured out this morning, that even in my luckiness (is SO a word) that sometimes it bites being married to a man whose brain could power most of Manhattan if hooked up to a generator.

There we were, 9:40 am at my neurologist’s office at Richardson Regional Medical Center. My husband and I talking with the good doctor about my cracked out pupils and my migraines*. The doctor assures me that I am fine. That the main thing he was looking for with the MRIs and MRAs was a stroke on my brain stem or my spinal cord. They didn’t find that. Cool, that’s some scary shit, but I am healthy. The occasional pupil abnormality is just related to the migraines I have. No biggie. Right?

Since the good doctor and I discussed putting me on preventive medicines for my migraines last time we talked, this time, with the increasing frequency of the migraines, we discussed which medication to use. Several different drugs were discussed, then we settled on Zonegran®. It is actually an antiseizure medication that has side effects of preventing or slowing the frequency of migraines. I start taking it tonight.

While talking to the doctor about my nervousness concerning taking this medication, Mister and the neuro went off on some smart guy tangent and discussed; in detail; the half-life of this medication and other such “No, dear, that discussion clearly belongs on WebMD or Nova” things. They were talking to each other in a, “Yeah… so glad I’m not the only clearly brilliant man in the room, call me later… peace” type of way.

I was sitting there drooling and chewing on a crayon.

I asked about Zonegran®’s effect, if any, on my birth control pills and asked the doc about how long we were going to keep me on the meds. I also asked him if he would prescribe some Sonata for me so I could sleep better. Mister spoke up with an answer that the Zonegran® may relax me and take away the pain the migraines were causing therefore helping me to sleep better, unless the reason I wasn’t sleeping well was caused by something else for example, watching too much TV before bed. Or something like that, I was too busy licking the linoleum to hear everything.

Dr. Neuro spoke up, “That is exactly the correct answer.”

They high-fived and hugged.

So, yeah. I am clearly Pinky to Mister’s Brain.

Which is totally cool with me.

Love you Brain!

Hey, have I ever told you guys that I have a total girl crush on Joan Jett? Yep. Apparently it was a deep seeded love that started back in the 1981 Crimson and Clover days. Love her. And big thanks to Jack FM (100.3) I hear her a-bunches.

Do I wanna touch her? Indeed. And no, Reb, this does not mean that I’m a big ol’ lesbian**, I just remember Joan fondly and with much love. After all, she is coming to Dallas on the 9th of September. Anyone wanna take me to a free concert?

Joan would SO kick my ass.

*I’m too lazy to link to my older entries today. I am sure you could find them if you needed to on my Older page. Click on “Old News” above.

**I’m a tiny one. MWAHAhahahahhaahaa! [ahem] Sorry. Kidding, really.


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