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Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya Easter!

Issue Date: Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2003

Fun with dyslexia. I was driving home from work the other day when I spotted this sign; “We Specialize In Stress Free Catfish!” When in all actuality it said Catering instead of Catfish. I like the stress-free catfish better.

On the radio this morning I heard, “Spring is here (dramatic pause) and that means one thing… Dallas Burn Soccer.” Personally, I thought that spring meant many things. Renewal of life, a young man’s heart turns to fancy, sandal weather, planning of the annual Ya-Ya weekend. Many things… not just Dallas Burn Soccer. That seemed a bit arrogant. Just me? Ok.

Speaking of the Ya-Ya weekend. Have I told you guys about this? Long story short it is a group of approximately 20 women getting sunburned, drunk and communing with nature at my parents’ lake house one weekend every year.

Long story long, it is a gathering that I started planning three years ago, it takes place over a weekend in August. I had just come to terms with many things at that time and I wanted, nay, needed some serious support from my girl friends. So my parents were moving to a new house on a lake and it was empty, I asked if I could invite some girlfriends over for a weekend to “camp” in their empty house and enjoy the lake. Seventeen women showed up and Ya Ya Weekend was born.

I have girl friends coming from everywhere to join us for Ya Ya, even as far as Chicago. The weekend sort of re-charges us for the year. We drink, swim, smoke, laugh (a lot!), sing, eat and give emotional and mental support to one another. This is not a weekend for male bashing or anything of the sort. It is just a safe place for women from all walks of life to enjoy themselves for a weekend without their kids, dogs, cats, husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, mother in laws, jobs, or anything else demanding their attention.

Usually there will be a breakthrough of some sort. The first year, I was the one who had a breakthrough. I reconnected with one of my best friend’s (D’Wayne) wife. We had some issues from our past (the wife and I) and they were keeping me from my friendship with her husband. The issues were my fault, but the wife is such a great friend as well. She gently but directly called me on my bullshit and brought me through a very poignant realization about myself. This woman is amazing, gifted, talented, kind, loving, generous and very large of heart. Her name is Gloria (aka Countess Wants It All). She is one of the first women I became friends with who wasn’t petty or selfish. She is true and dear, and most of the women at the Ya Ya weekend are like that as well.

We have created a network of good women for anyone to call on or lean on when they need support. We do have a few women who are slightly high maintenance, and they are lovingly tolerated but never catered to.

I never realized until a few years ago how important it is to have a network of girl friends. Not for shopping or gossiping, but for health issues, dietary questions, medical backgrounds and just great advice. We have run the gamut career wise in our group. The group ranges from a doctor to a stay at home mother.

Funny enough, I became friends with most of these women through other men. I mainly hung out with guys for most of my life. They were accepting, relaxed, handy, friendly and not prone to cliques. For instance, Jay Knott, who is presently running for the school board in Nacogdoches, is the husband of a Ya Ya. Her name is Brenna (aka Viscountess Shines Like the Sun). I’ve known Jay forever it seems. He was a friend and fellow National Guardsman with D’Wayne (see above). It was Jay who called me to let me know that D’Wayne had been struck by lightening during a training exercise at Fort Hood but that he was fine. It was Jay who was on the surgery team that performed my operation when I had a tubal pregnancy in 1997, and went around telling everyone he knew me inside and out. Har de har har. And it is Jay that I think about whenever I hear “End Of The World” by R.E.M. because he is the only one with a fast enough mouth to pull it off in karaoke. But it would be his wife that I would think about calling if I needed someone to lean on, because we have shared so much at the Ya Ya weekends. Just like I love D’Wayne truly and as one of my dearest friends, but if I needed a friend to lean on, I would call his wife Gloria.

I am so looking forward to Mister meeting all of my friends. He has heard so many stories about Ya Ya and college days. He has met most of them in Dallas, but I have friends all over. I would love to bring him to the lake to help us get settled for the first hour or so of Ya Ya, just so I could show him off to my girlfriends. But that would be breaking a rule. No men allowed.

If you are wondering where I came up with those goofy names you can visit this site for the Ya Ya Name Generator.

Easter weekend was divine. Mister and I left early on Friday to beat the traffic. We got to my parents’ lake house early enough to go out on the boat. It was a bit humid, but better than the rainstorms we were expecting. My sister and her little family (precious precious) got there and we fixed a snack dinner. I love a snack dinner; everyone stands around the kitchen and grazes on everything from fresh veggies to boiled shrimp. We all stayed up pretty late and I got to sleep in what my BIL (brother in law) calls the “fish bowl”. It is a sun room right off my parents’ room. They have no window treatments in either room and basically, there is no privacy.

Saturday was a fun filled starting at the ass crack of dawn because my blow up mattress had just about had it with my big butt. It leaked a little bit of air all night so I woke up with stiff hips. I went out to the living room to crash out on the snuggly (big, fat, sexy) couch. My nephew was already awake and my sister was groggy but awake as well. People, it was like 6 am. That was wrong in so many ways. Reb (sister) and I decided to go to Star-bizucks (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and get everyone a treat. We headed into town and had a nice talk on the way. I love my sister.

The rest of Saturday was spent going back into town to find a battery for Reb & BIL’s video recorder, going across the bridge to get Mister a fishing license and fishing. Oh, yeah… and a bunch of sweating. It was over 100% humidity and quite warm. Blech.

Sunday was a wonderful service at my parent’s church with the whole family, then to their country club for brunch. Mister and I left at like 4pm and enjoyed the hell out of our drive home. Sunday was gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Momma gave the boys (Mister & BIL) kites for their Easter basket. Mister got a Mickey Mouse one. We can’t wait to try it out.

That’s all for now. I just want to ask for ya’ll’s help on designing a logo for the Ya Ya weekend. Think about it & let me know. Kay? Thanks.

Much love.


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